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Sep 1, 2016
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Feb 21, 2018 at 3:50 PM
    1. Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn
      My story is similar to urs I have a 7 y/o boy,adopted from Russia - his birth mom was a heroin addict and had Hep C. He has extreme difficulties at school He has been violent, and runs out of the classroom on a daily basis. He is struggling with-reading & writing. We're going for a formal assessment soon. My belief is he has ODD and is dyslexic. Considering home-schooling?
      1. kim75062
        Im sorry your going through this to. I believe mine is more sensory processing issues at this time. But I really dont know yet
        Dec 1, 2016
      2. kim75062
        Oh and yes I think Ive had it with the school system. There only focus seems to be trying to force compliance and hope the bad behaviors magically go away.
        Dec 1, 2016
    2. grannybarb
      I just joined the website and loved your story. Does anyone know of parent groups that meet (like AA and Al-Anon) where we can just discuss? I'm in Central NJ and can't find any such group. Since I am also a member of Al-Anon, maybe I will have to start a group!
      1. kim75062
        sorry! i just seen this message. I have no idea about local groups but it would be nice if there was one :) Im in the Dallas area.
        Apr 25, 2017
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    Kim - Current stay at home mom. Nurse.
    Husband - Best Friend. Was the "hold my beer and watch this" guy when we were much younger, still a giant child.
    Son 6 - difficult child for everyone else but people he knows. ADHD impulsive type. Anxiety,sensory processing disorder (SPD) and mood disorder of some sort.
    Daughter 13 - A beautiful disorganized mess. diagnosis ADD the inattentive type (2012). No current medications. Constant nagging for Mom works much more efficiently.
    Daughter 17- easy child. Current HS senior in all AP and college level classes. Boring teenager (old soul). Never any Behavior issues.
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