New Leaf
Sep 4, 2015
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New Leaf

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    1. Carolita2
      Just read your early posts, your intro..I see your challenge and struggle here, especially with the grandchildren in the mix...It makes so much sense to me the path you have chosen to take. Those consequences that we just can't give them can give them the opportunity to change...This decision must have taken years in the making and I'm sure much pain and suffering.
    2. Carolita2
      Hi New Leaf..Don't know how to search for your post on PE? Can you help?
      1. New Leaf
        New Leaf
        Hi girl, just got to postings on my profile page on the bottom it says search all threads, and there you will find my sad story....
        Oct 29, 2015
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    :wind:1st born-"Rain" Kind hearted, intelligent, beautiful. Searching for her purpose and meaning. Body snatched by meth. God be with her.
    :sunny:2nd born-"Blossom" Happy go lucky, steady job, 3 children, speak almost daily.
    :wind:3rd born- "Tornado"-Had 3 babies young, strong, funny, smart, beautiful.....out of control, searching for her purpose and meaning. God watch over her and my grands.
    :sunny:4th born- "Hoku" Class valedictorian, stubborn, happy, hard working, goal driven, beautiful, self sufficient. Recently had her 1stborn.
    :sunny:5th born- "Son" High School, athletic, easy going, sensitive, solid, handsome, "old soul".
    Me- 58- fighting the age thing as best I can- working-working out-gardening-crafting-coaching children-taking care of the home-front. In loving detachment mode.
    Hubby-61-Hard working, not a talker,old fashioned, hard shell-soft innards. Recently passed on, we miss him so.
    my "girls"- 2 hens-fresh eggs are yummy
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