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West Coast
Human Being


Member, Female, from West Coast

Committed to Creating New, More Positive Stories & Possibilities (not victim) Jun 28, 2017

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    1. seek
      Committed to Creating New, More Positive Stories & Possibilities (not victim)
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    West Coast
    Human Being
    Creative, optimistic, retired (but blogging) - into wellness & holistic health stuff.

    Focus on GOOD.

    Writing new stories of my life and "what is happening" (for purpose of helping myself cope).

    Have grown children/grandchild.

    My life HAS been absorbed by other people's poor choices and addictions.

    Sick of being reactive, fearful, anxious - waiting for other shoe to drop.

    Want DIFFERENT life and feel I deserve it.

    Here to unlearn being a victim - need support from people who know what it's like to deal with "difficult people." Want support for setting boundaries.

    I am empathic, thus FEEL the pain of others - especially those I love - and that is not healthy for me. The answer is boundaries and beliefs about each person being a sovereign, separate being with their own life path - that it is not my responsibility to "save" or "rescue" any adult.

    I DESERVE peace.


    i'm a grandma nearing 70 - yikes
    have three kids - at least one alcoholic (and most likely narcissistic, borderline & histrionic) - all heavy drinkers - i don't talk to the alcoholic - another one is also very volatile, so limit interactions - one i kind of get along with but she is avoidant - so no close/loving relationships with kids
    have one grandkid - severe alcoholic since teenager (had Failure to Thrive as toddler) - also Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety/depression - mid-twenties now - rehabs, jail, hospital, jobs, cars, lost stuff - drama/trauma/emergencies - I dropped him off at rehab mid-july, after letting him stay at my house for a night and a day. In the past, I have played nurse to several detoxes - I was a surrogate parent to him - we are very close and bonded. he is a wonderful person - but highly sensitive/emotional/volatile - super intelligent, many gifts - but hasn't learned to handle ups and downs of life yet- I fear for his health and feel his pain (i'm empathic). Edit: Just helped him detox once again, and dropped him off at new rehab.
    LOVE DOGS - have one little pooch now
    highly sensitive, intuitive, introvert (mostly), writer - no real friends right now, so lacking support
    always wanted "happy family" and could not create that.
    love beauty, gardening, dining, smiling, walks, conversation
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