1. L

    In School Suspension, Alternate Placements, and Other Ramblings

    First of all, I think the use of ISS ("In School Suspension", though I'm pretty sure all of us here are pretty familiar with it) as anything more than a 1 day punishment is pretty much pointless bullshit. Even just for one day, most of our kids are probably scarcely able to tolerate it. My...
  2. Amity

    School, ABA and SSI

    We are finally making headway. Little guy went to a dr and she listened. We are starting testing with U of M. After a ton of tears, videos and melt downs he agreed to getting blood drawn. It was a Christmas Miracle kind of moment. All came back within normal parameters so now we're just...
  3. Amity

    6yr old no formal diagnosis

    Help. Not sure if this is better here or general. My son is 6 and entering 1st grade. Another school year and no closet to an actual diagnosis than when he was 3. Each year he sees all these people and had an iep because of the special needs he has. HOWEVER, no matter how many doctors I take him...