1. F

    Motivating pot addicted 18yr old son to get & hold a job + care about future

    Im heartbroken, beyond words, my only son I have raised alone for past 10 years is making bad choices. He was a great student until 11th grade, always motivated always cared about work and the future it seemed. He has good relationship with his mother who left the state 10 years ago, he sees...
  2. Carol55

    Son is homeless, jobless, penniless, but in treatment

    Our 39 year old son has been abusing alcohol and/or other drugs for 20 years. He went to a 30-day inpatient treatment 4 years ago for alcohol and opioids. He was sober for nearly 2 years and then turned to street drugs (meth). He is articulate, handsome, charming and holds a law degree, but...