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    How to get my 17 year old out of my home quickly in california

    My son is 17 he spent 6 months at a behavior hospital, 21 days getting medication situation in hospital, and 3 7 day acute stays and he Is still abusive, refuses medication, he threatens our lives and puts us in jeopardy of being homeless daily. He doesn’t follow rules, or laws, refuses to go...
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    Seven signs of Sociopaths from "The Sociopath Next Door"

    Here they are. When I first read them I thought, "Lots of people are like that." Then I thought again and thought, "Well, most have remorse if they do something wrong and most are pretty much on their own by age 25." The more I thought about it, the more I agree. I have known people who have...
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    women who keep going back to abusers???

    I am curious, in general, not in any personal way or about anyone in particular. I am really not asking about married people who live with Abuser, who abuser has estranged from all family and friends and one who has children with him/her even, and doesn't have a job. I get that as sad as it is...