19 year old doing better out of the home

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    I posted here a few years ago about out of control Teen boy: depression, cutting, running away, drugs, flunking, etc. Since then I have remarried which I think has helped. I found a college he could get into up in the mountains and took him to look at it when he was going back downhill and dropping out of community college. He has been gone 2 months and really likes it. He is Even getting 2 A's, making friends who, presumably, are actually not dirtbags and seems much happier. Best of all I don't have to listen to his constant tantrums and I worry much less about him up there as opposed to running the streets down here in the city. He is home on spring break right now and it is great to see him doing better. He threw a tantrum this morning due to no hot water at the exact moment he wanted to get up and take a shower (noon) so it is nice to know he will go back soon. This is the most hope I have felt in years. A different environment can make such a difference; I wish I could have arranged something like this earlier. Don't give up!
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    Thanks, 92025. I love a success story. I am hoping that going away to college helps Ferb get invested in his own future. First, he has to graduate from high school, and I'm not sure he is going to pull that off.
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    Good for you! It is such a burden lifted when our children are doing better. I'm so happy for you!! I hope he stays on this path.

    My son has a long way to go but doing better than he was. I pray daily.