26 Hours To Closing....cross your fingers, please!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, May 29, 2013.

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    Tomorrow at ten we will be at the Attorney's office and if all goes well easy child/difficult child will be a homeowner AND I will be relieved of ALOT of stress. There have been two bumps in the road this week, sigh. The home owners insurance people who submitted a quote six weeks ago decided that they need to see pictures of the house inside and out before accepting the premium. WTH! It has been a scramble to get permision from the Seller to let easy child/difficult child in with his iphone to take snapshots. Evidently the insurance company decided that since the sales price is $50,000 and the estimated replacement value is $100,000 there is reason to fear that the property is in poor condition. Guess with all the foreclosures/short sales that likely makes sense BUT now we are waiting for an "unknown person" to determine that the house is aok. It has a new roof, new hot water heater and no interior damage so I can only hope it get resolves before the closing. Good Grief!

    His SO evidently got easy child/difficult child riled up yesterday as he showed up at the office saying "I need to see where all my money has been spent as it seems like there should be more leftover.' I am chapped! I have reviewed each buck with him AND included her in a review a few weeks ago so they would both understand that they needed to use some of HER money to have an extra cushion for moving in expenses. She earns $1000 a month and has only bought some pictures for the walls. Please send support that I can FINALLY get this over. I NEED to cut free! DDD:angrygirl:
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    Sending all my good vibes, ju ju, prayers and everything crossed that this now goes down easy and happens quickly so you can be free of it.........
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    Crossing everything!!!!!!
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    Crossing all possible body parts, do the dance, rattling the beads, you name it I will do it! Praying for you, DDD!
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    The insurance people OK'd the homeowners policy after seeing the pictures. The premium is paid. I am so excited. My "baby" is going to own his own home tomorrow. You ALL know how much I love this guy. Sadly you also know I have no confidence in his SO BUT I am holding back my excitement until it is over but THEN...it's Independence Day. I can not even explain how much stress and anxiety I am harboring. Not to be too dramatic...I really am praying that I can actually let go and focus on my health and survival. TEN AM! That's the goal. It has been EIGHT months of residetail stress and my husband is sliding down the tube and Ace the wonder dog is trying to figure out who is in charge. I need to be selfish this year if I want to be around for another two or three. easy child'difficult child's home is MAJOR. DDD
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    Whew glad it all worked out. You deserve to be stress free DDD. You have worked so hard to make this happen. It is now time to take care of you.
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    Wow. This is wonderful. For pcgfg and you!!! I hope he loves his new home. I am so glad you may now put focus back to you and your health. You done did good!!!
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    I'm so happy for you, DDD, to finally be able to focus on YOU! Good luck at the closing, and I'm sending a virtual loaf of bread, bottle of wine, and salt (it's an Italian housewarming good luck thing) to christen the house. Best of luck always.