A big fat personal whine series...sorry 'bout that.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I have been juggling a bunch of stressors lately. My husband developed a health issue and decided five or six weeks ago that he had to quit smoking. As a result I decided that I had to support his efforts and give up my much loved deadly habit too. Aint' that sweet? BAH! HUMBUG! It's the "right" thing to do but it sure isn't a relaxing choice.

    SO husband has to go to Mayo next Monday and difficult child#1 will drive up and stay with him. Ace and I will man the fort. Then...whammo!...I begin to get indications of gastroentintal problems out of the clear blue sky. Bummer. I have no choice but go to the specialist and I am scheduled for upper/lower GI series on 4/23.
    By that time husband should be aok.

    Whine Du Jour! I just was sucking a piece of candy and RATS part of a tooth & filling came off. I am a very unhappy camper. :people_crybaby: I'm going to have to eat soft food and hope my tooth lasts until after the 23rd. I not only abhor the dentist they honestly get thousands of dollars when you have to "fix" a broken tooth. It does not get done fast under any circumstances. Cuss! I'm afraid another hunk will come off and then I'll be in real deep doo doo. WHINE! DDD
  2. Star*

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    If you're having wine D'jour? Then I think you should UP TO WHISKY A GO GO.....by the bucket fulls and I will glady share wit CHU! GOOD GRIEF WOMAN. I ADMIRE YOUR STRENGTH and STAMINA - WOW.

    I'm not quite sure what you're made of? But I'm sure they don't come pre-assembled like that anymore. Listen = Stopping smoking alone would be enough - but YOU stopped....and then....well you (started) if you get my drift....and technically you're kinda going through a total cleanse.

    Just a word = FYI - from the poor persons department -

    At Walgreens - they have a TOOTH FIX KIT - its the filling and all - check it out - it's pretty cheap and the filling hardens until you can get to the dentist and it works for quite a while. The putty comes in a little plastic case and you kneed it, and push it in the tooth and VOILA - just no more candy. I've had to use it plenty of times - for quite a long time sad to say. And for pain? CLOVE oil on a cotton Q Tip. They have that there too.

    Dollar store has Imodium for $3.00 - and two ta start - then one ever couple of hours should stop you up.

    And if you look at this - DF started smoking again and he's going to get on this - Tell them I sent you - they told me to say that, and I get credit - - but it's an electric SMOKELESS cigarette. I belive it's. www.elitevapors.com . They let DF try Winstons, It's like $89.00 rechargeable, or USB and has all kinds of flavors - or you can get husband a pipe. It's very much like a cigarette, but no carcinogenics.

    Hope this helps. Hugs & Love
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    Thanks, Starbie. We are going to tough it out with-o substitutes...except, lol, I have those little bitty Nicorettes that I carry in my purse. I have not used more than two halves in one day but it has helped. The GI series thing will be interesting. I was so proud of myself for getting "all" my body parts checked out (or so I thought), signing up for the gym and trying to be super woman. So much for false pride.

    I didn't know about the tooth fix stuff so thanks for that too. I'm afraid to do it in case it pulls the remaining guts out but LOL at least I know that I can get some help if need be. Thanks for the good thoughts....and feel grateful that you live FAR away from this fussy woman. DDD
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    Big hugs, DDD! And whine away! Why not you? The rest of us do!

    I've used the tooth kit Star talks about - it is a great temporary fix until you can get to the dentist, if it's not anything serious like an abcess. Hang in there.

    After having the Noro virus and this past weekend another vomiting episode, I do not envy your time spent in the bathroom. Ugh, so sorry!!! Feel better and I hope your husband will be okay.
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    Those electric cigs are the bomb. They got Mandy through the entire time she was in the hospital having the baby. They actually are sold at almost every convenience store now. I still have the one we bought back then and it still works...lol. I may (just may) try my hand at trying to quit again in the near future and I will do it with chantix and the electric cigarette.

    Now the tooth thing...heaven knows I feel for you. I have gaping holes in my mouth that are still hurting.
  6. DaisyFace

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    Ugh! You are getting more than your share of troubles right now that's for sure...

    Hopefully something wonderful will happen to balance things out a bit!
  7. Hound dog

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    Kuddos to you for trying to quit with husband. I couldn't manage it. My husband was too much of an over the top bear when he'd quit that it literally drove me to smoke to keep my hands from around his neck.

    Thank goodness they have something to help with teeth OTC now. Bout darn time.
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    Not in Canada. At least not yet and/or not HERE.
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    IC if you ever need it I will mail it to you ...it is really little. no one would ever know...shhhh.

    DDD----let it all out! Sounds like a ton of dung on your plate.
  10. lovemysons

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    Oh Goodness DDD, If it's not one thing it's another!!!

    Just wanted to reach out and send you a hug. I am thinking about you and hoping all the health-related issues will get addressed and get better.

    You are a Superwoman! Have known it for years.
    Love to you,
  11. Lothlorien

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    Two of you quitting at the same time?? Wow, I'm glad I'm up here in NJ! LOL.

    Why do you want to wait to go to the dentist until the 23rd? Go now. At least one thing will be out of your way and you won't have the pain.
  12. SearchingForRainbows

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    Vent away. No need to ever apologize! Health problems are the pitts! Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you feel better soon... Hugs... SFR