***A very good Tuesday morning, friends***

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I've been up all night ~ various & sundry items on my mind that won't allow me to sleep. So I got up & started cleaning my kitchen; thinking of mixing up lemon poppy seed muffins & popping them in the oven.

In the meantime, I've been doing some drawing - various sketches on paintings I'd like to do this summer - sitting on my patio & enjoying the day. (I can dream, can't I? ;)) I'm working on blending in & working on how the direction of light affect that sketch.

Rough day for ktbug yesterday; keeping fingers crossed for a better day today at school.

A good day to you all ~ hope there's at least one reason to smile today. If necessary turn on Scrubs!


Good Morning Linda and friends! Hope u all have a nice day! Linda sorry u did not sleep. hope Kt has a good day at school! Playing chauffeur to the kids today like most days. Hugs Rabbit :D


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G'day for Tuesday.

Linda, I hope kt has a better day. Sorry you were having a sleepless night, but at least you were putting your wakefulness to good use.

Rabbit, I reckon we all need to buy ourselves a chauffeur's cap and uniform.

I was up last night, really late, reading. I'd tried to get to bed early, but it was still late when husband went to sleep and I was reading the cancer booklets until 2 am. They left me with some questions which I had to deal with as soon as the various services opened this morning. I am blown away by how may services have come out of the woodwork, I'm not used to it. I asked a few questions and the phone kept ringing all morning with feedback and answers.

On top of that - we've had a busy day here. difficult child 3 had an appointment with his welfare application. I have no idea how it went - the psychologist we had to see says he's very bright (which could go against his application - if he's bright, they could say he's employable) but I'm sure she could also see how much help he needs from me.

After that, we headed off to the providore - they had a special on French truffles, ridiculously cheap (A$7.50 for 25 g). We've eaten Australian truffles (a fragment of one) but that's my limited experience. So I grabbed a couple of jars, I'm going to play...

We headed to the mall, I got a little lunch then did my shopping (and mother in law's). I also bought a loose-flowing top with some detail around a slightly plunging neckline, something I can wear bra-less after the surgery. I've been advised that I will probably need to go bra-less for a few days at least, until the skin heals. Since over tat time I need at times to be out and about, preferably not looking too informal ("swing low, sweet Harriet") I'm hoping this top will do the trick.

After that I had to dash to get to my GP (who thankfully was able to shift the appointment for today, so I don't have to drive out tomorrow just for the doctor appointment). She talked a bit more about what to expect in the surgery; I feel a lot more informed now. Friday is going to be fairly full, with all the stuff needing to be done before the surgery.

While we were at the mall, difficult child 3 finally bought the DSi he's been saving up for. He's going to need to get busy earning so he can build his bank account back up. Then there was a computer card he wanted to buy, he directed me to a small electronics shop to buy it, but when he tried to load it into the DSi, the card wouldn't load. So we took it back - only the bloke wouldn't give a full refund. The shop owner took the item back but instead of refunding difficult child 3, he insisted on giving hi a credit note instead. This is actually illegal here, but when I went back in to insist, I got the brush-off. The shopkeeper actually ignored me while I stood there waiting for service. Finally another customer came in and the bloke looked up to serve the other guy, so I said, "Excuse me, but you need to deal with my request first." Finally rather than be embarrassed in front of another customer, the guy gave difficult child 3 his money back (he already had the item back) and we were out of there. It had delayed us until almost the beginning of the drama class.

I was glad to sit and talk to the other parents at drama. I ended up giving one of them directions to tis site (something I don't normally do) because she needs some good advice on dealing with recalcitrant schools who ignore Learning Plans.

husband turned up just before class finished, so we went to dinner together at a Chinese restaurant. difficult child 3 just wanted pizza, so he sat in the car quite happily while husband & I enjoyed dinner just the two of us.

The waiter brought us fortune cookies. Mine said, "You will have success in your upcoming venture." difficult child 3 says it's a good omen.

We got home, I took mother in law's shopping down to her, and now we're almost at bedtime.

Tomorrow is a quieter day (no need to go see my doctor, I can stay home in the village). The forecast rain never eventuated but this evening was a lot cooler than this morning's heat. I might get more sun in tomorrow, but my doctor said I must take my Vitamin D tablets as well, the sun helps but is not enough.

I'll get my prescriptions filled tomorrow. Tomorrow night is choir so I won't be able to cook dinner for mother in law. Last week she cooked for husband & difficult child 3, I'm not sure what we'll do this week.

Enjoy your Tuesday.


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Good Morning Friends,

Linda-I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep-I hope there is time in the day for a nap! You are good when you can't sleep about being productive; I end up just tossing and turning and trying to sleep. I am hoping for a much better day for kt! Hugs.

Rabbit-I know that chauffeur feeling. Find some "me" time if you can.

Marg-Your medical services sound amazing. Much more so than here in the States. What a whirlwind of a day you had; I'm glad you don't have to be out and about tomorrow. Soak up some extra vitamin D for me!

Today I am not headed to school but to a grade level meeting. We will be meeting at another school. Truth be told, I'd rather be in my classroom with the kiddos. Hopefully it will be a productive day.

After school we have a meeting at difficult child's school. He has really been struggling big time at school. It may be time to start a half days at his school and half days in an alternative setting.

Hoping to get to the health club tonight.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: