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A few months ago, maybe a year ago I asked us to describe ourselves. I thought it was interesting and I have the images you wrote about in my head each time I read your posts. I would love to know what you look like and how you would describe yourself.
I am 5'7 about 135. I put on 15 lbs this past year, I do feel better with more weight and I am back to eating sugar. I got completely off of it and when I got back on I went straight to Panara Bread and bought the most delicious cookies. I do not color my brown hair so I have lots of silver, shoulder length, I have bird legs even though I exercise a lot, my butt is flat and getting flatter by the hour, I have huge boobs, heredity on both sides, both grandmothers were DDD, brown eyes, thin lips, teeth still ok. For the past few years my allergies have become worse. I dress mostly comfortable, I love long skirts and comfortable foot wear. And I still wear the prettiest undies I can find.


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I'm 5'4", around 200 pounds, with brown hair that's to my waist when I take it down. I hate to exercise even though I know I need to. I have a great smile, and am happy most of the time. Addicted to iced tea and reading a variety of books. Blue eyes, purple glasses, mostly wearing jeans, T shirts, and various styles of Birkenstock sandals. I dislike shoes and jackets, and am fortunate to be in California, where we don't really have winter.


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I am like each of you who has posted. I am 5'6" about 140 lbs. I want to be thinner, but my face gets hollow, and I look like I have malnutrition. My eyes are hazel. I have a huge chest, too, and flat behind and lean legs and thighs. I think I have too much stomach. Sadly. I wear my salt and pepper/ash brown hair which goes past my behind in a very long braid to the side. (It used to be a beautiful chestnut, which is long gone.) I like to be comfortable. My favorite thing is an elastic waist. I wear leggings or loose pants and tunic/dresses. And comfortable shoes, too, like hiking shoes, Reeboks.
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I'm 5'7-1/2" and 168 presently. I am up five from my most recent weight that I was pretty happy with but always wanted to be five less to no avail. I do still wear size 10 pants which I am proud of~ LOL. I have a large chest as well. I do a lot of walking and think I eat pretty healthy. Husband and I have just started doing the elliptical at our subdivision's gym. We are trying to get into better shape for a vacation with three other couples in June. I am the oldest but not the fattest thankfully. LOL. I wear mostly dresses to work or dress clothes. Have to dress professionally. Short and jeans on weekends. Blonde hair that used to be brown but got too gray. Blue eyes. My weight goes right to my tummy. Arghhhh! Thin legs and butt. Everyone tells me I have beautiful skin which I appreciate more and more as I age :)


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
I have bangs and shoulder length with layers. I fight the humidity with my hair as most women here. I am finally getting it to do what I want through working with my stylist. Adding more layers etc. Lots of face framing. I kind of wish SHE just knew what to do and did it but it's been a struggle. She is an expert colorist and I do really like her and it's an Aveda salon and I do love their products!


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Hi, guys!

Interesting thread!

I’m 5’2, could stand to lose 20 pounds, I carry my weight in my chest, butt, and hips.

Since it is winter here, and we have had two snows this week already, I am usually in jeans, a camisole, and a fitted solid-color long-sleeved shirt overtop. Sometimes I wear button-down shirts. I wear athletic wear when walking, and try to walk three miles per day. The woman I usually walk with is pregnant now, and has had a lot of morning sickness, so I haven’t walked consistently just lately.

I really like the hair discussions! I love to hear about how people wear and style their hair.

Mine is long, curly, and blonde (which I get colored every three weeks). It has a natural left-side part. No bangs, as I have cowlicks, but it works well for me. The major cowlick is on the right, so the hair naturally flows back from my forehead then a natural twist, then down to the side, so no falling into my face. Same on the left side. I don’t need to do anything to style it (just wear it long) but I have to use hair oil every day or it gets frizzy. I wash it every three days or so and afterwards I put a deep conditioner on it and leave it in until the next morning when I wash it out. Once it dries, you can’t tell it is there (though it takes longer to dry) so I don’t do this if I am going out somewhere.


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I'm 5' 5 1/2" tall and weight 140 lbs. I'm kind of straight framed -(like 36-30-38). I try to exercise at the gym 4-5 a week (with at least 1 Yoga day in there) during my lunch hour. After work I'd be too tired. I have very blue eyes. I have "dirty-blonde" color. I was blonder at one time but wanted more natural as I got older. It's just above my shoulders. I have bangs but not thick. I use a curler-iron every day to give myself more body.

I work for a law firm and dress professionally but I mostly wear pants over the last few years and I have a million tops/thin type sweaters (because I get hot fast since menopause came and went). I like Clark's shoes for their comfort and style. The best of both worlds. I wear reading glasses but had lasik for distance vision about 13 yrs. ago.

I enjoy getting very comfortable at home with my soft UGG blanket to curl up with and read or watch a good movie.


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Okay...I'll join in.

Reading these, I'm pretty sure I'm the Amazon of the group. 5'10" and I won't put my weight in writing, but I'm sure my doctor's chart labels me as "morbidly obese". I once lost 100 lbs. I was still overweight. I gained it back. :( Unlike most "plus sized" ladies, I have NO BOOBS! Well, not NONE, but pretty darn small in proportion! This has always annoyed me. Bra shopping is a nightmare. I carry my weight mostly below the waist, but with a generous amount in my arms - which is just unfair. If I have to have a bunch of lard above the waist why couldn't it be on my chest!

But, I think it's fair to say that I'm proof there's someone for everyone...after all, I've always been big and once I hit college I always dated (even a few good ones) and married (the second time) to the best man ever! I have kind of golden skin- maybe you'd consider it light olive? - not pale, not dark but I don't really tan well. At least I'm not one of those very pale fat ladies that look like bread dough thanks to my darker complexion. LOL I've actually been complemented many times on my complexion, even without makeup, and the fact that at 56 I have very few wrinkles. I think it's because the fat plumps them out. :) See...not all bad!

My eyes are brown. I've been told they're pretty, but I don't see it mostly because I wear glasses. Luckily, they make my eyes look bigger, instead of smaller! My hair is brown and liberally sprinkled with white - not gray, not silver, but really white. I have large chunks of solid white at both temples and a smaller one at the part to go with the salt and pepper everywhere else. I get my hair cut about twice a year whether I need it or not. :p I usually get a layered bob, but asymmetrical - longer on one side than the other. Then I let it grow out until I can't stand it. Then I get it cut again. Really, it's getting quite curly the more white I get and I need to find a style to work with that. For the moment I do a little curling or straightening as needed to give it some shape. I used to color it, but I decided about 6 years ago that I like my white spots. I don't have to deal with maintenance and it's kind of fun to occasionally use a temporary color. Right now I'm slowly wearing off the purple I did before vacation and though the brown is back to brown, along with most of the white, I still have lavender streaks at my temples. :D I got a LOT of complements on the purple hair. I think I need to do it again.

I'm lucky in that my job allows casual 99% of the time. So I'm usually in jeans or slacks. I like dresses in the summer because they're cooler - but long floaty ones. When they go out of style I'm in trouble. At home...leggings and pajama pants and t-shirts and house shoes - comfort is key.


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I am 69 years old - almost 70, am 5 feet 7 inches tall, 135 lbs. I have grey/white short wavy hair and am thinking of highlighting it - am letting it grow out to my chin to losen the waves. I love to dress comfortably but have many outfits I used to wear before retirement from my job.


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I'm 59, 5'5.5" tall, down from 5'6.5" courtesy of age and spinal arthritis. I weigh 170 lbs, down from a peak of 230, and carry all of it in my gut.

I wear wire framed bifocals, MUCH thinner courtesy of cataract surgery in August that with the specs has me seeing at 20/20 and 20/25, which is a miracle to me as I'd been driving on one legal eye for most of my driving career.

My hair is a medium brown with chestnut highlights, tending toward curly, but cropped clipper short on the sides and back, and left just long enough on top to tousle with a touch of gel on the top.

I'm broad chested and shouldered. have NO butt and hips, which makes buying "large ladies" clothing interesting. In fact, it makes buying ladies pants interesting all around as if pants fit in the waist and gut, they look like clown pants everywhere else.

I have skinny wrists and ankles, and huge hands and feet.

I have green hazel eyes, classic and very sun damaged redhead skin, at least on my face, arms, upper chest, and shoulders, and my share of wrinkles.

The less said about what remains of my teeth the better.

I walk with a heavy limp due to a blown left knee and a very bad back.

I'm also High-Functioning Autism (HFA), have bipolar disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), adult ADHD, and sensory issues.

I'm a self educated high school dropout, a voracious seeker after knowledge, a collector of words, with a ridiculously huge vocabulary, and a huge collection of useless information.

I also tend to be a bit pedantic, entirely too blunt, and while good at reading voices, have terrible social skills face to face, in part because of social anxiety, and in part because I have difficulty reading facial expressions.

I'm a good friend if you don't mind honest answers that aren't sugar coated, and a tendency to be a bit of a "Jewish mother" (I qualify for the first part, not for the second)


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I really don't want anyone to identify me so I always change certain unimportant details in my posts. I will go as far as I think is safe. You all sound lovely!;

Ok so I am taller than average and color my gray hair a darker shade which I style just at my shoulders. At home I often don't style it but put it behind my shoulders in a hair band.

I am average to average thin but I have very fat feet and must wear wide shoes in a big size. It's hard to find
shoes that fit. My feet are 10 wide. My skin is so pale that it fries in the sun. I so admire skin with a pretty brown.or rosy tint. I have plain features and have never been considered pretty, which is okay.

I wear blue jeans at home but do dress up for work. My eyes are very pale and to me colorless so I like wearing my glasses.

About it! I do not stand out in a crowd.

I have many interests and friends and come across as gentle and calm and confident which is not how I feel inside all the time. I am a people pleaser and try hard to make others feel good and am a bit of a doormat. I can say how I feel but if I think it hurts somebody I am quick to apologize as I hate hurting anyone's feelings. To me nothing is worth that. I suffer if I think my words hurt somebody else. My employees like me! My husband is much tougher than me! If they want time off, they come to me first!
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100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Busy, you often mention your business. What type of business do you have or is that too personal?


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How funny... These are interesting to read. The forum is kind of like a book. I form images in my head of what people look like a bit, and I'm sure I'm off base.

I don't want to give to many identifiers, either, but here some of me:

- loves books
- loves coffee, but limits to about 2 per morning (with cream, cinnamon, and high fat chocolate in 1)
- has way too many boxes of tea
- enjoys wine, too
- enthusiastic chef, enjoys trying new recipes
- lives in a small home
- has some extra fluff around the mid-section
- wild hard-to-tame hair with some grays
- lipstick lover
- toenails always polished, but not fingers (working hands)
- no readers yet


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I really really am not comfortable sharing my business info. I am just afraid (I know it's silly) that this could identify us. Who knows who reads this forum? I am sorry. I didn't even feel comfortable sharing my eye color lol.


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I'm 5'8", 138 lbs with green eyes. I have mid-length, wavy, dark auburn hair and naturally tanned skin. I have an athletic build. I always wear tee shirts, jeans and sneakers. That's just my look. My eyes, my smile and my arms are my best features. I love to read books, did very well in school and I speak and read several languages fluently. I paint and do pencils drawings for relaxation. I've visited every state except Oregon, Washington and Montana.
I'm an extroverted introvert.
I've been married twice.
I've been in love once.


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67, but look younger. I've been told I have a very expressive, cheerful face and I do smile a lot. 5'4, trim from teaching five exercise classes a week (Zumba, high intensity interval kickboxing type class, Pilates, etc.) Short, modern pixie hair, blonde (helping Mother Nature out now with hair color), green eyes. I wear fun glasses when I'm not wearing my bifocal contact lenses. I usually dress in activewear and sneakers. I just retired from my adapted physical education job in June, which was an extremely active job. I'm raising two grandkids but they are 11 and 13 and are getting more and more independent. I love working big, complicated jigsaw puzzles. We always have one going on a card table in the living area of my house and the whole family works on it, but mostly me. I love to read and a favorite thing to do is fix a latte, grab my nook e-reader and go sit in my garden and read for a bit. I'm a coffee fanatic. I roast my own beans in a popcorn popper pan (it's only about 5 bucks a pound that way and soooo good). I bought myself a fancy espresso machine and I make better lattes than those expensive ones a Starbucks. I'm a mongrel mix of Portuguese on my mother's side, and Welsh from my father's side. I love to sing and dance, cook, and bake.


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I am 50 and 5'0" and at a peak weight of about 230. I have long blonde/grey/white hair that hangs way past my shoulders. It is usually up in a ponytail. I love to read but have a hard time holding books or a tablet. I read on my computer and am so thankful to be able to do that. Reading is my doorway to worlds unknown and I would do anything to protect that! I have blue eyes and I wear bifocals. I can be a bit forgetful at times. I don't have grandkids at this time. I do enjoy my friends' grandkids though. I love to cook and cross stitch is my valium. If I say I need to stitch, leave me alone. You can do your thing, but do it without me for the next several hours!


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I’m 42, long curly hair. I always wear red lipstick.I’m 4’11 116 lbs, everyone says I look 25 , everyone at work says they never see me without a smile, sad thing is I’m not as happy as I appear. My happiness moments are coming home everyday to my 2 young boys 8 & 4 yrs. old. I speak proudly of my daughter who’s away in college & we have such a great bond. And like everyone here my heart aches for my 16 year old lost son who’s been in & out of juvenile detention the last 10 months.