Addiction stole my son

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  1. Just here typing my thoughts .. was on facebook and seen a "time hop memory" come up on the parent of one of my sons friends. It was of her son learning to drive and the mom was in the passenger seat. Sadly, that young man- my son's best friend- died in a traffic accident a few months ago.
    The thoughts of her and how she if feeling break my heart.
    My heart is broken and my son is still alive although I feel he died a long time ago. Trying to look back on memories with my son over the last 10 years and I can barely find any good ones. Addiction stole my son.

    My heart breaks daily for my son's best friends mom. I do get to talk with her from time to time. We both cry. She for her son and I for mine.
    I don't know what lies ahead for my son. I pray that one day like all of you on this site do that my son and I will be able to make some happy memories again.
    I wouldn't wish this on anyone. So many years taken from our child and from us as parents.
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    Addiction steals many lives.
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    Yes. But I focus on the knowledge that my son is alive. It has stolen his childhood, teens, his sib's peace, etc and now our relationship. But he is alive and where there's life.... I'll add that other of his friends have been stolen by the availability of guns not involving drugs. If I focus on the negative I get depressed. So I have to focus on today and hope for tomorrow.
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    Trying..... My son has lost many friends to overdoses. This opioid crisis scares me a lot.... sometimes I really wonder if my son is going to survive it. There are so many risks he takes, so many ways he could go.....and yet he has also shown me that in many ways he is a survivior. He has been in jail and he has lived on the streets. He has lived through many situations I have never been in..... so my hope is that his instinct to survive will somehow see him through. I really have no idea though. All we can do is hope..... and as long as they are alive there is hope. I think of the sone of some good friends that I knew..... he was. A heroin addict for 27 years and he got clean and he then helped a lot of people, including my son. He did a lot of good work before he died of a heart attack when he was in his 50s.