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Addiction is being inside of a house. A house that’s on fire. And you’re in the bathroom getting high instead of getting out. -Anonymous


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That is so impactful it truly says it all. And when clean and sober an addict can’t even comprehend their own behaviour. My son as he sobers has more memory. He went through a spell of tremendous guilt and depression. Funny Albi as that is when I truly started to believe he was going to be ok.


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I am tickled that E is on track to being that wonderful sober man he always was inside.

Great job to.the whole LLB family! Big hugs!


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I would add that the parents are also in the burning house trying to save the addict while putting themselves at risk.


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That was painful to read. I made a friend fairly recently. More of a casual friend. We have a few things in common, including adoption. Out of no where, she shared with me that her son had been on heroin. She described the gawd awful scene when she found out. Fortunately, he is off now and doing well. No doubt a lot of time and hexx passed from one point to another.