Adhd son is homeless in another state

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    My son is 23 and has had adhd for years and is now homeless. He left for Nevada with his girlfriend not even a month ago. We are a family of 4 . .myself, husband other sibling and my son trev. Raising him has been the hardest job of my life actually. My husband is his step dad and his only present father since he was 2. He has been off medication since his senior year of high school. And managed to do ok. But he has never held a job longer than 6 months, his hygiene is always a problem and he is always hyper. However the last 2 months or so have been awful, he is more hyper than i have ever seen him. He has this idea to move to nevada where weed is legal and start a business ( without $5 to his name) and when i have told him to wait and save and prepare for the move then "we dont and have never supported him"! And he says his dad was abusive to him, and is mad at me cause i said thats bullshit. His dad ( i mean stepdad, biological father was never around) and he did get into heated arguments and it went to far but he has never abused him. But my son has since blocked us on his phone (that we pay for) we have given his girlfriend 3 cars, let her live with us for almost a year. And given so much money/food that i cant even count. He had a DUI about 2 yrs ago and we told him we would pay for the class so he can get his license back and that hasnt happened either. He now swears that he and some friends have a business and he is a CEO #rollseyes! Now i guess he is homeless. I am so torn and heartbroken! I just want him to see someone for his adhd and mental health. But he says it doesnt work and just smokes weed. I know i cant force him to do anything but i worry so much!! I also wont let him live back with us when his dad is "abusive"..yet they take whatever we give them.. i just dont know what to do..
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    Go to Parent Emeritus and read there. Those are all parents of adult kids and almost all the stories are like yours. And what we have done or are doing.

    Pot sure us the new holy grail, isn't it? They wont take medication but they think pot is "natural" and cures everything from ADHD to autism to bipolar to cancer. My 33 year old daughter is addicted to that high and is never sober. We go to Al Anon. She will be homeless soon along with her useless husband.

    God bless.