And tonight? He just won't sleep. now on a blanket on the floor

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Dec 19, 2012.

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    at the foot of my bed. He had a huge fit over a shirt I gave him and none of it made sense. (He loves getting anything this was odd) then saying don't ever touch my money ....(he had called earlier and asked me to bring it when I picked him up, and now saying he heard the mom was killed in her sleep and he doesn't want a bad guy to do that to him. He hasn't watched tv all day. Where did he hear that? He's literally been gone ....8am to 10 pm today.
    I feel for him but none of my reassuring words are helping. I'm tired of his taking it out on me (swearing and yelling). Then after trying to cuddle and talk then upset again etc..... I just gave him a prn clonidine. Hope it helps.
  2. TeDo

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    Poor kid...and poor mom. He is really freaking out over this whole thing. I can only imagine the things running through his head. I hope the prn helps too...for both your sakes.
  3. buddy

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    Thanks, . I think he is asleep. Now I can't sleep. LOL.
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    Hope you're able to get to sleep soon, buddy.
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    Really tough, Buddy. You're living in an abusive relationship with an abuser who can't help himself and whom you are committed to loving and caring for. How do you deal with such a dynamic? Do you have enough places to let off steam with it all... there's here of course, but still virtual is only virtual, for all its supportiveness. You are going through the trenches, daily really. Please take care of you, as Julia Roberts says in "Pretty Woman" :)
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    Hugs to you both. This is so difficult and I am sorry you are going through this.
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    He slept better than in days. Was out by 11:45. He is still snoring. Will be up in 15 minutes. Praying he is calm.
    I.sure don't want this sleeping in my room thing to be a habit. He did this when we moved here for a few weeks but transitioned himself to his room.
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    Last night he didn't follow me around and he slept in his own bed. He did ask a few safety questions (did I hear foot steps, are the doors locked etc.) But...he fell asleep. Got ready for school fine and is off.for my last school day......Yes, MY last day of his being in school .....till the third. At least we can sleep in.
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    So glad he slept in his room last night. And that he stayed there. I get the last day of school for you. I am right there, but I am loving be able to sleep in.
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    Good idea with the clonidine.

    Didn't realize you had a service dog ---- wow, perfect.

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    Service dogs are amazing! Ours really helped Tigger with his anxiety and even takes the edge off of Eeyore.