Annoying spam calls, emails, anything

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  1. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Ok I dont like spam. The worst spam to me are phone calls because they mix up the phone numbers and I have a block list as long as a roll of toilet paper but they still call. I get two in particular. One is about how lucky I am for qualifying for credit. The other is to inform me that I qualify for free Medicare with extras (I dont qualify).

    I get some funny spam emails. Female names who claim to be sexy and interested in me write. I get ads for enhancement of my male parts, which is kind of the same as my husband getting ads for ways to enhance his breasts. I get the normal "You won the UK lottery". And I get the ones where a stranger is sick, has no kin, and wants me, a stranger in another country, to inherit millions.

    Any other spam?
  2. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    A few years ago, i somehow got on some spam list that kept sending me emails from "females" with very explicit language. Im glad to know im not the only one that got those!

    I havent gotten anything from the Nigerian prince in quite a while now, though.
  3. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Lolol! The Nigerian prince sends some very good spam indeed lolol.

    I got some spam from prospective Russian brides on top of hot and sexy women. And of course the penis enhancement.

    Lately (forgot about this) I got on a list for sweepstakes and Im always getting emails about how easy it is for me to win the hundred thousand dollar sweepstakes. But first i have to buy X, Y or Z.....
  4. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Darn, i have never gotten a Russian bride spam!

    I have gotten the male enhancement ones, though!

    Oh, and the knock-off Viagra spams.
  5. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    We went through a time where the phone was constantly ringing... oversees Nigerian calls, and tons of Spam, but all has seemingly dried-up now, and that's fine by us. :)

    Last nonsense call we got was CRA (Canada Revenue Services), and my husband told the guy he was full of (you know what), and that was the end of that. LOL!
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  6. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    once i got a call from someone claiming to be from the government and wanted to give me $5000 for no particular reason at all.

    I assume he needed my bank account number to deposit it into my account...
  7. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    Apple. We once got a call claiming that we won a set of expensive travel luggage, with the person telling us that we had to send X-amount of dollars to them to release it. Yeah, right! LOL! We never even put in a ticket or bought a raffle ticket for such a thing.

    I directly blame our telephone providers for failing us in respect to this. In our day and age of technologies, I'm certain all bogus calls could be quashed.
  8. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Well....the bottom line is, they always need you to send money or they want your bank account number.

    The sad thing is that some very naive people believe them and do it. If this never worked, it would never be done.
  9. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    My hubby was getting a bunch of funeral or burial plot spam there for a while.

    It was very depressing.
  10. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    I don't really get much email spam anymore. I guess I got enough blocked. Though the occasional "US Postal Service" or "Amazon Rewards" sneaks through...the stuff that looked legit...but isn't.

    Our land line phone makes us nuts. We just don't answer unless we know who it is anymore because they always want to discuss, "important information regarding our credit card account." That one calls on the cell phones too. I finally pressed 1 to talk to a rep and after I literally screamed profanity at him and hung up, I haven't gotten one for a bit. They'll come back though.

    We were getting some about our "cloud account" and that we needed to talk to "apple customer service". I finally accepted that one too and told him, "I don't even own an iPhone. I don't own ANY Apple products. Quit calling us you dumb-ass scammer!" They haven't called back either.

    Last night my friend got one of those calls at dinner. She answered, "JCPD Fraud Department". Surprise! They hung up. LOL
  11. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Anyone get the resort calls?

    I got one for a while from the same person.

    She started out by saying that I had stayed at one of their resorts (unnamed, of course) and went into her spiel without taking a breath. When I tried to say something, she wouldn’t even pause.

    I would tell her to stop calling, and she just kept right on talking.

    I just finally started hanging up the phone when I would hear her voice and she finally quit. At least, I haven’t heard from her in a long time.
  12. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    I havent found a way to stop them from calling back. And they are different people in different locations i think.
  13. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    My calls were from lol the same person, though I have gotten many different people previously calling about resorts.

    I grew to recognize voice as if she were a family member!
  14. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Ours are usually robo-calls that want you to press 1 to speak with a rep, press 2 to be removed from their calling list...which apparently really lists your number as a valid, active number that then gets sold to other scammers. :mad:

    Still, there are times when screaming at them makes it worthwhile.

    The man I screamed at I tried politely (forcefully but without swearing) telling him to remove me from the list, that I'm called several times I week. That I'm never, ever, going to fall for this. He kept going, advised me HE'D never called...that I called him!...and told me he couldn't remove me. I told him I'd call the Attorney General. He actually said, "They won't help you."


    So, you all now understand my screaming profanity.
  15. Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant Well-Known Member

    The one call that I will never forget is the one we received around suppertime, where a lady called and got right into telling us all about her home-based business, what she offers, how much her services cost, and yada-yada. It was suppertime for us and after trying several times to interrupt her to ask if she could call back (to no avail), I simply told her, "not interested", then calmly hung-up.

    Yes, it is a strange world we live in. :)
  16. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I've answered the sales calls using my limited high school Spanish, rattling off such phrases as "The bears have my shoes" and other things like that, but I want to learn some phrases in a language most won't recognize.