Anti-Christmas Breakfast


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Today husband and I took M out for breakfast and to give him the things he said he needed: socks, gloves, & a cell phone on our plan. I also got him some basic foods at Costco and filled a couple of boxes - a case of cup of noodles, a case of cheesy mac, some tuna, popcorn, cheerios, chili, and soup. Our neighbor across the street is re-decorating his house, and has been putting old furniture by the curb and I rescued a nightstand this week, which I passed along. All of this was very much appreciated, and it was a pleasant morning.

Then husband and I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought our first new set of sheets in years. I ended up getting satin sheets, and I'm beginning to wonder if I will be able to keep from falling off the bed! :surprise: I think that I may have to find a way to keep the top sheet from sliding out from between the mattress and box spring.

We still haven't heard anything from L, and that's fine. She's quite toxic right now, and to be honest, this is looking up to be the best Christmas we have had in a couple of decades. I'm not going to stir the pot. I'm actually looking forward to sitting quietly with husband and some Christmas Carols and/or some Alistair Sim. I haven't played them in years. No stress! YAY!

Not to say that we haven't been to several parties this weekend, and there's more going on through the week. But, we're enjoying it, not trying to orchestrate it. :redface:

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:D :D :D

Having bought Travis a normal present each, the girls are also fixing him up a present that's more like a care package for when he goes back to school. He is always so grateful.

You sound so light hearted. It's good to hear. :)



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I love doing care package gifts. I'm encouraged by your pleasant experience so far. You're doing a good job of staying centered through a difficult time.


I'm so glad M was appreciative and that you had a good day. I will pray that "L"'s heart is touched this Christmas and that, if nothing else, she will respect your boundaries going into the new year.


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I watched the festivus parade for you. It was a little cagey - but still a parade. :tongue: