Anyone else have rapidly thinning hair?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    I'm assuming it is from accumulated stress as it is not from medication or illness. Vanity has never been an issue with me but the combination of weight gain and hair loss is bugging me! Just wondering if there is a "healthier" shampoo or vitamin supplement that has improved this condition? DDD

    PS: My diet is almost completely organic and well rounded, by the way.
  2. KTMom91

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    My mom's hairdresser told her to try Biotin shampoo for thinning hair. Not sure where you get it, though.
  3. susiestar

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    When did you have your thyroid checked last? If the hair loss is a sudden change, it is probably due to a medical issue. It could be heredity, but that always seemed more gradual.

    An endocrinologist told me a few years ago that rapidly thinning hair is the symptom most likely to bring people to the doctor when they have a thyroid problem. I don't know if this is true or not, but it could be.

    Try a shampoo with minoxidil, the ingredient in Rogaine. It is available wherever shampoo is sold, and there are store brand versions out there. You may also want to use a volumizing shampoo as they make hair look fuller.

    Are you having trouble losing weight? Doing what a diet plan recommends but having little or no real results no matter what you do? This is another sign of thyroid problems. You gain weight even if you are not eating too much or unhealthy foods and regardless of how much you exercise or how little you eat, or what you eat/don't eat, you don't lose any real weight. This usually is a sign of an under-active thyroid, at least it is in me.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    You "assume" it's accumulated stress? Oh my dear one!!!!!! I have determined over the years that it's a by-product of stress - namely my son. DUDE. Albeit I had a rather engaging two-fisted helper - my hands which at times went wildly willy-nilly at the top of my dome pulling in rapid succession and, on some rare (but several) occasions pulling by the fists full - my once lavish locks.

    Now I am stuck trying to figure out how a woman of my meager years does a comb-over and still maintains her dignity. I used to say "Of all the things I've lost in life I miss my mind the most." Now at the vain age or varicose vein age of peri-menopause I think NO,,,,,,,no I miss my hair, and my shape and the ability to wear all those high heels and my youth, and sometimes the ability to do cartwheels without snuffing myself out with my over abundant boob, (although for a while in my 30's that was quite a plus) and kankles - WHT? and age spots.....Yeah I like those too....and skin tags....and I mean gravity :censored2: there's a whole OTHER 14 hour conversation making me WISH I could walk on my hands....but then theres the snuffing out part again to deal with....and so I maintain....I do the best I can....try shampoo that does NOT contain Amonium Laurel Sulfates (because my roots are allergic to this I think) and take Hair and Nail vitamins with extra Bioteen (dollar store $5.00 a bottle and 3x a day) and I gag those horse pills down.....and I got a hair trim. And got some day time and night time hair enhancer.....and Better shampoo - Because after all darling.......

    I'm worth it.
    And are you.
    Hugs & Love
  5. Nomad

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    My hair use to be so thick, people would stop me in the mall and ask permission to touch it.
    I've had thyroid issues, new medication, health problems, pain and difficult child stress. So, it is anyone's guess.
    I'm trying hard not to panic.
    I am taking Biosil tablets and Biotin.
    I have lost at least 50% of my hair in the last month.
    My diet is very good. I can lose weight, but need to eat no more than 1000 calories (not a drop more) and exercise and exercising is hard lately due to pain issues.
    I like the thickening spray by Aveda.
    I do hope all of us get better.
    Anyone out there...please share if you find something good.
    And yes, check your thyroid. You might need a medication that works on T3 and not just Synthroid which works only on T4.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I just had my thyroid checked.....they said it's not that issue for me......but I did notice that when I started to use the shampoo with out.....amomium laureal sulfate? I bought hair is improving. I tried rogaine and it made my hair ashey and it fell out. Even the girls at work said my hair is thicker in the last 6 months....and I hate these dollar general vitamins.....but horse pills or not.....biotin must have something to do with it.
    I ALSO stopped washing my hair ......every day. Now I wash it twice a week. I belive THAT had a lot to do with it.
  7. 1905

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    DDD, Can you try Wen? I use that and my hair is so wonderful, it's worth the money. I think a lot of it has to do with age for most people. Your hair isn't going to look like it's from when you where 30, when you are now 50, especially if you were on chemo or had some other health issue. I just really love my Wen, it has made such a difference, more than anything else. Try that. I know what you mean.
  8. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Lordy, Lordy, Ladies. You make me feel guilty for thinking about my hair at 72. I will explore you suggestions but have to tell you that six months ago ladies at the beauty salon were commending "oh, I love your thick hair!" and I guess I didn't anticipate that out of nowhere it would begin to fall out! I get tested for every darn thing available by my MD. I've never even read the detail reports to see if thyroid could be an issues...but I will. Meanwhile I have learned some new "words" that I will diligently check out. Thanks family. I don't know whether I said this in my original post or not, lol, but I told husband that people are likely to assume "what a trouper she is going thru chemo and working til five every day" Rather impressive, isn't it? NOT! I am not doing chemo. "Something" else is going on and I am assuming it is over fifty years of stress parenting the eight children. Thanks, guys. DDD:bigsmile:
  9. Nomad

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    I tried Wen lavender and it did nothing for me. Is there one better?
    what Nexus shampoo are you using? Be specific.
    i had this problem to a lessor extent before and I did feel the Biosil tablets helped. Now, I'm doing Biotin too.
  10. susiestar

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    My hair used to be thick and coarse, which are NOT the same thing. One thing to help you talk to your stylist is knowing the difference. Thick/thin refers to the number of hairs per square inch while coarse/fine refer to the diameter of the strand of hair. Grey hair tends to be coarser and dryer than non-grey hair, and it usually needs more conditioning and volumizing/thickening products. Coarse hair also needs more conditioner and can usually stand heavier conditioners without looking greasy. Fine hair needs lighter, or 'weightless' conditioner. I have coarse thick hair, and it used to be much thicker. Thanks to the thyroid problems I have lost about 1/3 of my hair and it is not cooperating with growing back. It is not all bad because I can now wear it long without having it cause migraines. I have migraines, but they are not coming from the sheer weight of my hair. Jess has fine thick hair and it can drive her bonkers. It looks greasy very fast but it also dries out. Add my sensitivity to smell and her choices get even more limited because I cannot even be in the same room hours later if she uses some shampoos or conditioners or products. We have had good luck with Dove Shampoo though.

    Do you color your hair? It will give the hair a MUCH thicker look and feel because of the way it acts on the hair shaft. It literally plumps it up and then conditioner rinsed out with COOL water will help seal the outer layer around the shaft. If you do not want to change your color, or you don't want the hassle of roots showing and the expense of various coloring procedures, you can get what is called a glaze. These are demi permanent, meaning they will last four to six weeks, and they are not in your face like so many colors are. You can even get a clear glaze. It will leave your hair feling very soft and looking fuller and much shinier.

    LOTS of the products out are now claiming to have argan oil in them. They do NOT have enough argan oil in them to do much. I got some off of ebay and am very impressed. It is 100% pure and is from a seller I have used several times. I got 4 oz of argan oil for around $11 incl shipping. I use about a quarter size puddle in my hand and I work it into wet hair. I frequently will get a bit on my hands and rub any excess itno the ends of my hair. It is great for dry skin also.

    For a hot oil treatment I use part almond or walnut oil and part shea oil. I mix up a bit of it in a little jar, let it sit a few minutes in a larger container of hot water and work into lightly damp hair. I wrap a plastic bag from the store or some plastic wrap around my head, clip into place, and let sit 30 min. Then I wash as usual. The plastic bag holds body heat in, and helps the hair absorb the oil even more.
  11. LittleDudesMom

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    There was a thread on this subject here on the site recently....I can tell you my situation. I take Biotin (the best price I've found now is a brand I found at CVS - you have to take 5K mg a day for it to be effective and CVS has that strength in a single pill - not CVS brand but a green bottle - most others you have to take two or three a day or they also have other vitamins in the pill) and have used a couple really good hair products - one is the aveda product made exclusively for thinning hair (sorry, can't remember the name but it's in brown bottles - $100 for the shampoo, conditioner and spray). Now I use manoli oil or black vanilla products from Carol's Daughter. You can buy directly from their site or get a much better deal on QVC (about 1/2 the price of the aveda). Whole Foods has a very reasonably priced organic biotin shampoo and conditioner at 8.99 a bottle for a good size, probably 32 oz....

    I can tell you that my hair loss was not thyroid related - I was tested. Since I began taking the biotin 5000 mg every day without fail and using good hair products especially for the issue, my hair loss has improved 80%!!! Seriously - my hair was coming out like crazy and it's amazing the difference in the last few months.

  12. scent of cedar

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    Interesting post. I'm 61. My hair (what's left of it!) is waist length, red going grey ~ and falling out by the handful.

    I will try the WEN and the biotin.

    It's been so stressful around here lately that I never really thought beyond acknowledging that I certainly was losing a lot of hair.

    I will post back about the results.

  13. scent of cedar

    scent of cedar New Member

    Sharon, I love that Agatha Christie quote. :O)

  14. InsaneCdn

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    To what degree has your change in diet drastically altered the amount of fat you are getting?
    I'm guessing... quite a bit.
    If you've cut back drastically on all fats... try adding back the healthy ones (like olive oil, for one).
  15. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    EVOO is close to a part of our daily diet...I love the stuff on salads and for cooking the fish & organic vegs & meat. My budget is limited but I absolutely can afford the Whole Foods shampoo. Thanks. My hair has never been colored and I have a decent looking combo of grey and brown. I thought about having the hairdresser "even it out" and then LOL it occured to me that if I was avoid artificial colors, additives, hormones etc. my diet it would be weird to add same to my scalp. I'll try the organic shampoo from Whole Foods and shop for the tablets that are not meant for horses......If they are solid tablets perhaps I can use my pill cutter and swallow them in pieces. Big tablets make me gag! I've never heard of having your hair glazed. What an interesting resource this family Board is for me. DDD
  16. LittleDudesMom

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    DDD, here's the brand I have of biotin - Nature's Bounty Super Potency Biotin (5,000 mg). It is a very small soft gel pill.