Aspergers and medications for children


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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice. Have child (age 12) with Aspergers (coupled with adhd) diagnosed at an early age. Has been on medications for a few years (Concerta) which seemed to be helping. Also being treated for anxiety which is a side of aspergers. Was put on Zoloft for past 2 years. Experienced continual weight gain. Took off stimulants for 6 months but suffered in school so started Focalin recently. Seems to be doing better. I want to take off zoloft because I believe it caused the weight gain. (Child is very sedentary which doesn't help). Mood is very blah as well. Not sure if puberty or medications. doctor wants to change to prozac. Any advice is appreciated!


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We went through the whole pantheon of medications for my grandson. His last psychiatrist, who is a pediatric medication specialist, suggested the gene testing. A cheek swab and a week later (and insurance paid for it), we learned a whole bunch of stuff. People's genetics affect drugs are metabolized, and we found out that the whole class of medications he was taking for his ADHD were in the third (use with caution--may not work as expected) category of drug/gene interaction and that's why they weren't working very well for him. It's so hard throwing drugs at a kid to see what will work. I hope it works out for you. Yes, my grandson had a large weight gain from abilify, but the weight dropped right after he went off of it. And when he was on the stimulants for his ADHD, he didn't grow for two years, but he's a tall, thin 12 year old now. Part of the issue (and we're trying figure this out) is that his particular issues might not be brain-based, but rather something like borderline personality disorder. Brain-based stuff tends to be helped by medications, borderline personality disorder, not so much (unless there are other problems like anxiety, depressions, etc). Quite the puzzle, these kids.
The gene sight testing is helpful if medications work for your child. We had the test done but medications don't seem to help mine much

You could try the non stimulant medication Strattera, it's a SNRI so might help with all the issues in one pill (depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD).


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My oldest has Aspergers also. He was on concerta for quite a long time. When it stopped working, we went to strattera. Depression is a big problem for my son. It wasn't until he was on strattera, luvox and trazodone. While they were each prescribed for a different reason, they worked together to give the best relief from his depressions.

I would have the DNA test done if we were to be on the lookout for a medication cocktail that would work for him.

One thing that I think was helpful to us when dealing with medication is that we always spoke to Wiz about his medications. What they were for, how to take them, etc... We asked him how they made him feel and if he liked it or not. He was on stimulants for adhd first, and he truly liked that they made him able to be the self he saw in his mind. When we got the right cocktail, we knew it was right because we saw improvements AND he told us he liked that they made him able to control himself, and able to be someone he liked. It can be tough to talk to an Aspie about their feelings, but it is very important when you are dealing with medications that have a significant effect on your emotions.