Bizarro hair color... I am a poster child for...

timer lady

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Looks beautiful ~ definitely prettier than the blonde. Now you just have to remember how you achieved this gorgeous color.;)


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I think its a nice color too.

Its definitely better than the time I dyed Tony's hair pink! His fault not mine. If you freak out because the chemical is on your hair and go frantically wash it off after just a few minutes, you will end up with pink hair!


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I love the red! Just remember...redheads do what blondes only dream about!

Uh oh. I'm both right now. husband seems to like the red. I asked. I don't mind.

by the way, GCV - beautiful! Thanks for sending me the pics. I really like the new color.


Here we go again!
Wow, thanks you two! :D I got another compliment this morning at difficult child 1's school... hmmm, I never thought to try this color. Maybe I'll stick with it for a while!