Book: The Gifts of Acceptance


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"Embracing people and things as they are"

By Daniel A. Miller

I am starting to read about acceptance, even if we don't like what we need to accept in order to be calm. This is the best book I ever read on the topic and has changed my entire attitude about Kay, other people and even life and the world. I highly recommend it, especially for those who suffer because their child is in a bad way.

This one book has made me see Kay, my life, friends and even what saddens me about the world in a new way. I carry it with me like a second Bible.

I bought it off Amazon.

Be well.


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I forgot to mention that there is a chapter on Type A parents raising Type B kids and about parents and kids in general regarding radical acceptance.


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I might buy it too. It sounds wonderful. Thank you.
Related topic...I was invited to a sermon recently on healing. Woman minister. Long story. I actually know a relative of hers who invited me. The topic was “forgiveness,” and how it’s more for yourself than about them. She used the example of Corrie Ten Boom (Unsure if spelling). She was doing her best to forgive a soldier who may have killed her family...specifically her sister and how it was freeing.
Not exactly the same thing.
But a bit similar.
It was so relaxing and peaceful.
She used quotes that were humbling.
Virtue ten boom has written several powerful books on the topic of forgiveness.
Acceptance is different. But there is a bit of something similar.
Surely both can result in more peace.
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My book is about acceptance for people and events. It isnt about forgiveness. They are alike but have enough of a difference to be addressed separately in different books. Forgiveness is very important.

I find church comforting. I know that not everyone has God in his or her life and I judge nobody for this.I do think life is easier if you believe strongly in any higher power. Often I can almost feel God comforting me. Maybe it is just my imagination. But I don't think that is so.


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I'd like to be part of the book club. There have been lots of changes in my life lately and I need to work on radical acceptance.