Bullying and Seattle Public schools

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Rheinhardt, Feb 18, 2020.

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    I have a situation where the SPS are denying that my 6-7 year-old daughter has been bullied at school. The SPS is saying that the boy's behavior was "inappropriate but within the developmental range of a 6-7 year-old". The bullying was to such a degree that my daughter began to have suicidal thoughts!

    It started the last month or so of her kindergarten year. The boy would accuse my daughter of not being his "friend" and then call her names, hit her until she would apologize to him for not being his friend; in effect blaming her for his abuse. There have been several more instances this year of him either hitting or threatening her, which the school has classified the same way.

    I am appealing the SPS findings. I am looking to find resources to substantiate that this boys' behavior is not "typical" but rather mimic's what adult abusers do. In fact we have an acquaintance who was in an abusive relationship and she was horrified as this is the type of behavior she experienced.
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    I would have pulled my daughter out of school and, if I could afford it, talk to a lawyer.

    in my opinion that is not appropriate in any way. Your poor daughter
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    We are documenting everything. SPS says they will not label a 6-7 year-old a "bully". They are more concerned with that than the fact our daughter has been in counseling for almost a year. Moreover they are sending the wrong message, especially to girls about giving abusers "second chances" and not being believed.
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    Your daughter is being abused.

    Leaving her in that school is perpetuating the abuse.

    You can’t rely on the adults in that school to protect your daughter. You can talk and research till you are blue in the face, and it won’t change their minds or their policies. If your child is suicidal, this is a huge problem that needs immediate action.

    Pull her out and get a lawyer.