Carol Burnett seeking guardianship of grandson


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Poor woman. We get it, yes? I don't have legal custody of my two, but I'm getting close to asking for it.


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I definitely get it. Have a six year old with guardianship and a 13 month old who tested positive for meth at birth so we’re foster parents. Both from daughter, 30 years old.


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I get it. I do have custody/guardianship of grandchild. He's been with us since birth. For us, it's our daughter's mental health issues. It's not entirely unique, I guess. Sadly. It's a daily struggle for us dealing with our dear daughter who just isn't able to step outside herself.

Deni D

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I have to say I am in awe of the the grand parents who have taken on the responsibility and life changes of raising grand children.


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Carol Burnett is 87 years old. How many 87 year old women are up for this? Was no other relative willing or able to do this?