comforting easy child


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My easy child got a rejection letter (email) from her top choice college. I tried to comfort her, but not sure I did very well.

She has been accepted into all of her other choices.

This whole college process has been very stressful. Wish I could make her feel better :(


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{{hugs}} for both of you.
Life stinks, sometimes. And the "next best option" may not even be close to the "first choice".
But... 10 years from now, it probably won't matter at all.

I remember comming out of college and competing against students from "better" colleges for that first job - and at that point, it had impact. Add five years of experience, and the experience is worth more than the degree. It's just hard to see that from "here".


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Yeah, ic is right. But that is hard to explain for now. Once she starts looking at the other options hopefully the excitement of college will take over.
Disappointments are hard lessons. Poor girl, big hugs to her.

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Aw that stinks. But you know what?

Everything happens for a reason. It might be that her first choice for college wasn't the best suited for her or her goals for whatever reasons. She may very well discover she is better off at one of her alternate choices.

How about a girls night? Good movie.......maybe your favorite consolation snack (ice cream, cookies, popcorn) and just indulge.


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She has to give it it's due, let her be upset, I'll bet it won't last long. Once she picks one she's going to go to, she'll be so excited, it'll be like that never happened.

Also, she can always transfer after a year. She really can go to her first choice and graduate from there! Tell her that.


....Hopeful Now
Thanks everyone. She seemed better after school today and we have girl shopping time this weekend planned. She was accepted at GW, and several local schools here, so she has many choices and I know she will get excited about college again. I'm just very proud of all she has accomplished so far in her 18 years :)