Cough that Won't go Away

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    I hope you are getting better. I was very very very sick once with pneumonia and it felt like I had a knife in my ribs; pleurisy possibly. At any rate, I remember the Dr giving me pain pills, I needed relief and NOTHING was working. Suppressing the cough was not a good idea but the screaming pain was debilitating also. So, the Dr had to give me some relief. I had to take the hydrocodone for relief but had to be very careful because they suppress the cough to the point of it being non-productive and you do not want that. Coughing is good to get the mucous out of your lungs, nothing but air belongs in your lungs ! But coughing so hard that you break ribs or scream in pain needs relief of a pain pill every now and again. Too bad they are so widely abused for those of us who really need them from time to time.
    I have also found that prescription strength ibuprophen (Motrin) 800mg really helps for a cough. Motrin is an anti-inflamitory and often we have a hacking cough due to inflammation and this might just do the trick.
    A single 200mg for my grandaughters quiets their cough when they are coughing every 12 seconds with a dry hack hack hack hack and they need relief. It was an accidental discovery. I gave one of them Motrin for fever and noticed from then on, their allergy related seasonal hacks were quieted as a welcome side effect bonus.