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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Helpless29, May 2, 2019.

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    Today my son had court. Me and his dad both went, when we were just getting there , lawyer texts his dad & said he has a family emergency & can’t make it , says he called court house & it’s rescheduled for May 22nd,so dad says judge was not going to see my son since it was rescheduled, so we left. Come to find out , my son did go in to court room , caseworker & PO wrote letters about how well my son is doing & told judge my son made it to level 4 , which is the highest level there for good behavior. Judge was going to release him but we were not there , which hurt my son tremendously. All of this miscommunication between dad & lawyer , I just hope they were not playing me to keep my son locked up longer . Anyway dad has agreed to let my son live with his grandparents & they went over expectations & rules . Next court date May 22nd . I don’t know if today dad lied or If dad & lawyer are being sneaky to keep him locked up longer ,but if they are it’s just hurting my son more. I’m thinking he will be released May 22nd unless , lawyer comes up with something else .Am I thinking unrational? Overthinking the situation today?
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    Why do you think there is some plot? Why would anyone care if your son was locked up two more weeks or not? I am guessing you are overthinking. I am sorry you are upset. I would not be worried.

    I dont know your son's story, but I assume he was in jail and hope his grandparents are healthy enough to have your son live with them.
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    To be honest it sounds a bit fishy to me. I would be surprised if the judge heard the case at all wo his lawyer there. I would also think if he wanted to release him the court would have called you.

    I dont think the lawyer would conspire to keep your son in jail longer. That doesnt make sense. Who did you hear all this from?

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    Is it really a good idea that your son gets what he has been demanding—to go live with the grandparents?