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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, May 15, 2013.

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    On Monday I sent a message to difficult child's algebra teacher to see if she had handed in back homework. I got a message last night that she did hand in some. difficult child came home with several more assignments yesterday... and this morning she said she got it done. I asked her if she was caught up and she was "caught up on what she brought home" but she needed to stop in before school and get more assignments. She has a third hour that she could use to do homework. Then she goes to algebra 4th hour. Well, this morning, the teacher wrote back and said today was the last day for late homework. I wonder if she will even ask difficult child for what she has done?

    Well, I did the mom thing, called the school, and asked difficult child to call me. Didn't tell them why. I just want to remind her to hand in what ever she has left. Even if it isn't completely done. any credit is better than a zero. Next week they have finals, then out of school for the summer. I probably shouldn't have even called. difficult child has been saying she will get the work done... and most times when I try to help her remember things she just gets mad. If she fails this trimester of algebra, she has to take the whole year over - or we have to pay for a private class thru a business in town that the school will accept IF the student passes it.

    Hope, Hope Hope she calls... and also that she did LOTS of past work. KSM
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    I have that problem with my easy child with parent notes and homework. If she does take it to school she often misplaces it in her bookbag and doesn't turn it in. I have called the schools front desk and asked them to personally collect it and I would call the teacher to ask them to collect it if I knew it was in her bag. That way I avoid the confrontation with easy child where she says "I know I'll do it" and then rolls her eyes!

    The school doesn't seem to mind because it is easier for them than having to track it down at a later date.
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    shoot... she didn't get the message to call me... but she figured it out anyway and called. She told me she left her homework on her bed and would I bring it when I pick her up after school so she can turn in. I say yes, hang up, and NO HOMEWORK on her bed. I found I sheet on the floor, without a name or date, but it is math. Now I have about 20 mintues for them to give her a message to call back - and see if there is any other place to look. Did I mention how much I hate how disorganized she is? But all the time she is telling me, "Don't worry, I'll get it done" or "I am not an idiot, I know what to do!" I hate all this stress at the end of the year. KSM
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    Wow summer vacation already? Here the last day of school is June 20th.
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    Even easy child's can be disorganized :) Jumper is the most disorganized forgetful child on earth (slight exaggeration). She is lucky I haven't worked full time during her school years. It is still common for her to call me frantically to say, "I forgot to bring my notebook!!! Can you drive it to school for me? Please!" Part of that is also how tired Jumper is every morning. She is just not a morning person, no matter how much sleep she gets. She is spacy before 8am.

    The school secretary and I are great friends :)
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    CB... you STILL get out early. Our last day is something like the 28th...
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    Well, I took the one paper to her at the end of the day... the missing homework... she found all the rest in her school bag! So she has turned in what she can turn in. Will be interesting once it is graded... and if the teacher will actually give her credit for all of it. I think she handed in 10 assignments in the last 2 or 3 days.

    Our school starts about August 20th... May 22 is our last day. KSM
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    Well I'm glad she found the rest and was able to turn it in. Hopefully she gets credit for it still. Our school starts first week of September so I guess summer break is about the same duration for us. Oh how I wish school ended in another week for us.
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    I think I was a bit of a "helicopter Mom" BUT difficult child had to lay all homework out on the kitchen table before bedtime and then place it in the appropriate folders in the backpack before bed. He griped about it but...I didn't get those calls anymore. I'm glad for you guys that school is "almost" over. I spent alot of years do a countdown and hoping my sanity would hang in to the last day. Alas...then I had the summer which had it's own problems, LOL. DDD
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    THREE months off???
    Please... don't tell my difficult child.
    Not that he hates school, but SUMMER is... when he has time to actually DO stuff, and THREE months would be... beyond fun.
    (we get two months for the summer, plus another month's worth spread over the in-stream breaks)