Daughters paycheck mailed to wrong address. She never got paid.

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    So Jumper has a job in a nursing home and she's been working like a dog for almost two months.

    When it was payday she got excited waiting for her paycheck to come in the mail. They don't do direct deposit for three pay cycles. Don't ask why. I don't know. So she waited. And waited. And waited. And finally we talked her into talking to somebody about not getting paid. This is Jumper's first job and she doesn't want to make waves.

    The manager who talked to her blamed her for putting down the wrong mailing address, which she tells us she didn't do anyway. Then they said they'd have to wait to get the check back before they can issue another one. Ever hear of canceling checks? Guess not. So they are waiting. She sill hasn't been paid. If the clerical error is not corrected for her next check, she won't get the next check either.

    I am fuming. She goes in whenever they call her, early, on her day off etc. There has to be something illegal about this. Anyone know what she should do? She is very timid about dealing with people in this manner. I'd call for her...I'm not timid about stuff like that at all lol!...but she's nineteen.
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    It costs money to put a stop payment on a check so most places wont do it except as a last resort.
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    I think she should insist on looking at her application. If she wrote the address correctly and they transcribed it wrong, it's their fault and they should have to stop payment and pay her properly! If she addresses it the right way, "I don't want to make waves, but I haven't been paid and it's been ___ weeks! I'd just like to see if I wrote it down wrong." really, how could they get mad?
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  4. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks, Lil. I will tell her.
  5. ForeverSpring

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    They said it was wrong on her W-4 forms. Probably at the main office in Rhode Office. My husband seriously wants her to quit.
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    Did they tell her what address it DID get sent to? As in... could you follow up at that address and see what happened? Or if the address doesn't even exist?
  7. Lil

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    Still something that was filled out by her. That's kind of annoying. If it would have been her error, at most she would have transposed a number I'd think, like saying you live at 104 Main when you live at 140. It does happen...we've had people where I work put the wrong telephone number or address on their own paperwork...they're upset or nervous.
  8. susiestar

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    They have to let her see her form or give her a new one to fill out ANY time she asks. It is the law. They have to have a copy on site also, as they can be audited ON SITE and have to show the forms. been there done that as a store mgr. Does not matter WHERE corp is, the location should have employee files with that info. This is for OSHA and IRS and state taxation stuff. Even if there is a district office down the block, they have to have a copy at the location usually. I don't think healthcare is exempt from this.

    Also, it should not be that hard to find out where they sent the check. It sounds like a lazy manager and NOT an error of hers. She needs to get insistent and put her requests in writing so she has a record of what she said and what she was told.

    After each discussion with her manager, she needs to send and email or letter that sums up the discussion and what the mgr told her so that she has a record of what the mrg said. If the mrg disputes it, then the mgr needs to send the response in writing. If the mgr doesn't, Jumper should continue to send the letters/emails with her recollection of the discussion until the facts are correct. That way she has a record if or when she needs to go to a higher up or prove what was said.
  9. ForeverSpring

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    The check went to a non-existent address.

    It was straightened out. She will get paid in a few days.

    Jumper is very timid about asking for ANYTHING from ANYONE. For a young woman who is not shy about talking to new people, she is very reluctant to stick up for herself with authority figures. That excludes hubby and I...lol. OTHER authority figures.
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    Glad it got straightened out!