Definitely lost ds last night.

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    DS just turned 20, been in and out of trouble since he graduated high school. Have warned him several times throughout year that one more thing would warrant us having to make him leave Things have been going fairly well until last night Got a call from police around 11 last night to please come to a certain address they had ds and wanted to talk to us Hit there, he and friends (who ran and left him high and dry) had trespassed into a pool with a case of beer. Officer had looked at ds record and saw that if he got in legal trouble again he'd really be up the creek. They were wonderful, talking to to us about what we've done and could do to help and all decided to give him a last chance to come right home and do community service as he's suppose to and everything would be okay. Ds walked to his car, got in and told us he wasn't coming home, he was staying out for the night We told him if he did then he should plan to leave our home tomorrow, which is now today I've packed up some things and he will probably come home later today to finish and leave. It's so sad when you do the best parenting possible but they have different plans for themselves Sorry for the length.
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    So sorry. But, sometimes you got to follow thru. Let us know how today goes. Is the car in your sons name? Ksm
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    Sorry for your troubles but i think you are doing the right thing. My son is 36 and we have cut him off but he is doing ok working and going to court when supposed to. Does your son have a job?
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    Yes, the car is in his name. Otherwise he wouldn't be driving for sure.
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    Son was working almost 35 hours a week until a few weeks ago with a new job. He has worked maybe 8 hours in the last two weeks so I'm going to say not really.
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    So sorry to hear but you are doing the right thing. He must face the natural consequences for his actions. The fact that as his parents and the police you were all giving him one more chance and he chooses not to follow through by staying out all nite...that just speaks to the utter disrespect and defiance he has . Let him go his way. You are entitled to a life without drama and peace. Hugs.
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    I agree too. He is an adult. If he can't follow your rules/respect your home then he must go.

    Hopefully in time he'll realize how good he has it and change his ways. This is his journey. You need to take care of yourself!