difficult child is sleepy on this new mes and I'm getting paranoid.

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    difficult child 2 started his new ADHD medication Intuniv a week and a half ago. He started out at 1mg for a week then was raised to 2 four days ago. He was okay at 1 with no side effects. Super hyperactive, etc as usual. Once he got raised up to 2 he started becoming very sleepy.

    We are on spring break so I don't know how he will function at school yet with this increased dose. At home he is totally supercharged and still very hyper during the day but at around 4 he crashes and has no energy. Today he came into the bedroom where I was watching TV and layed down on the bed and drifted off to sleep. I woke him up so he could eat dinner. After dinner I checked on h around 8 and he was asleep on the couch, totally un-difficult child like. Normally he is awake and overly energized at 11 and it takes a lot to calm h down.

    Tonight I listened to his heart and his heartbeat was slow. I kinda freaked out, asking h of he felt okay and if his heart felt alright. difficult child was confused as to why I was asking him these questions and told me he felt fine. My anxiety is in overdrive right now and I'm thinking about every single bad thing that can happen to him. I am too scared right now to fall asleep. I know it sounds silly, but I'm a little afraid his heart might stop in the middle of the night. In three days I am supposed to increase his medications yet again. I am scared to do so. If his side effects are bad now then how bad are things gonna get if we increase the dose? My anxiety is in overdrive and i am not sure how to deal with it. Am I being overly paranoid? Or are my fears justified? Right now I'm not so sure. Help!
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    Well now he's awake again asking for a snack so I feel a lil bit better.
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    What time do you give the Intuniv? Is he still hyper when it's in his system and then crashes (rebound effect) when it wears off? Everyone's heartbeat slows down when they're sleeping. I would definitely talk to the psychiatrist as soon as you can. I would absolutely NOT increase the medication again until this deep, nose-diving crash is figured out. It could be the wrong medication, too high a dose, long-acting when a short-acting might work better ...... There are so many possibilities. I know it's scary reading those darn side-effect sheets sometimes but you need to somehow calm down and try to stay level-headed. difficult child 1 is on the short-acting version of Intuniv as well as Strattera. The combination works great for us.

    Get some sleep. Call your psychiatrist first thing Monday morning, unless they have a 24-hour call number.
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    I'd be looking at timing, too. difficult child is on a medication that tends to have "sleepy" as a side-effect, but has a 24-hr effective window... he gets this medication at supper, and crashes two or three hours later... Timing may be a factor.

    Definitely wouldn't increase it again without talking to the doctor, though. JMO.
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    He usually takes his medications first thing in the morning before school, which is 7:00. Now that we've been on spring break and we've all been sleeping in, he has been taking them between 10:00 and 11:00. I never thought this could make a difference but maybe it might. I gotta say though that my current medications have stopped working and my anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have been in OVERdrive for several months. I am damn anxious and paranoid about everything. My next psychiatrist appointment is in about three weeks and he knows he wants a medication change but right now he is dumbfounded. So am I. medications that have worked for years for me are now failing. That's why I'm not sure if it's my anxiety getting the best of me or if my concerns are genuine.
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    I'm not familiar with this particular medication - so I don't know if it's short-acting (like Ritalin and Concerta.. take it now, effect starts now, out of your system in well under 24 hours), or long-acting like some of the a/p medications.

    If it's short-acting, and you are starting it later and seeing him crash at supper... I'd be guessing he'll be in trouble next week with school, because taking it earlier will mean "crashing" earlier...

    If it's long-acting (has to build up in your system and the dosage then just maintains that level), then I'd suggest figuring how how long between "dosing" and "crash", and time the dosing to coordinate with bed-time or a little past bedtime...
  7. TeDo

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    I don't think you're being paranoid, except worrying that his heart will stop. Keep detailed notes on times medication is given, behavior during the day, and time that he crashes and any notes about level of sleepiness until you talk to psychiatrist. Something is up if he's crashing that hard that early. One word of caution, try not to let you're personal experience with medications cloud your judgement when it comes to difficult child's medications. Try to remain as objective as you can and do a lot of simple observing and documenting. I wish I had done that when we were having medication issues. difficult child 1's psychiatrist now "seems" to think that I'm TOO observant when it comes to side effects because I didn't document things. He has extreme reactions to many medications and I got the impression at our last appointment that she doesn't believe me.
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    I honestly don't know if it's a short acting or long acting medication (shoulda asked but didn't think about asking.) I've looked it up on the Internet and I don't recall them saying anything about it being a quick acting medication. the only thing I know about it for sure is that it absolutely has to be taken in the A.M. And you cannot take it after eating a high fat meal. I will send psychiatrist an email on Monday. He prefers to be contacted by email and his responses are usually quick. As for me, I am absolutely miserable and anxiety ridden and I want this hell to stop so I can be there for my kids. We've been on spring break and it's back to work/school on Monday. I am terrified of going back to work. I used to love my job but now an ex friend and current supervisor is making my work life a living hell. Hopefully difficult child will stabilize soon so at least my home life will be tolerable...sigh.
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    Mr. I took intunive. We had the same reaction. Way tired in the afternoon. Intunive is a blood pressure medication. We had Mr. I. checked at our DR. office for drop in blood pressure every day for 2 weeks (When we went to 2 mg). It turned out Mr. I. couldn't take intunive at this dose because of a pressure drop, But This is unusual. Even at the 1 mg. dose we had to give it at night. This is one of those medications where timing is everything.

    Ask the Dr. for a script for a digital BiPolar (BP) cuff. Maybe your insurance will cover it. Then you can reassure yourself that he is OK. I know how you feel about being uneasy with the sleepiness. I was too.
    Stay strong and don't give up. The dr. will help with your concerns.
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    We're not in Intuniv, but difficult child takes risperdal, which the doctor said that it can be "sedating" so he recommended that we start giving it to him at night. He takes it after dinner and at the beginning he would fall asleep a few hours later. I think that their bodies have to get used to the new doses, as well. Definately talk to the psychiatrist and see what he says about the new dose, or about giving him the medications at night.
  11. greenrene

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    Intuniv is the long-acting version of guanfacine, which is traditionally a blood pressure medication but has been found to help with ADHD symptoms. My VERY hyper teenager couldn't take more than a small dose of guanfacine because her blood pressure got too low and she was wiped out sleeping at 5pm (which NEVER happens unless she's sick).
  12. buddy

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    My son takes the same class (clonidine for him) and it did make him sleepy at first (wish it still would sometimes, sigh)...he is on both a long acting patch form and booster short acting pill doses during the day. His BiPolar (BP) has never been low on it. BUT he does have anxiety reactions where his heart pounds and I was just thinking of that for your son, not sure if he has any anxiety but to maybe be careful how much you monitor because if that was my son he would be scared he was dying or could die on the medication and that would then counteract any benefits we were getting.

    It could be adjusting to it but of course it could be just too much for him and he may need half of the increase instead. There are other medications in the class and maybe this one is not the right one or as others have said maybe he would do better with the short acting form.

    By keeping notes of when you give it and when he has these sleep episodes...you will be able to see when the blood levels spike and the dr can figure out if there is a better form, time to give it, or if does needs to be adjusted, etc.

    Take deep breaths yourself, medications do need to be watched carefully but we of course have to do a lot of self talk to make sure we are not putting our worries on our kids too. (I have done that and then have to do a lot of back-pedaling, smile, so I am not criticizing, just responding to what I can relate to.)
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    Well I emailed psychiatrist and he said to keep him at the dosage he is now instead of increasing it. He wants a teacher report by the end of the week to see how he is doing. I am relieved I did not have to increase the dose to 3 mgs. Not only has difficult child been getting tired in the early afternoons, but he has been falling asleep early then waking up constantly in the middle of the night and is unable to get back to sleep. This morning he awoke at 5:00 am, a whole hour and a half earlier than he usually gets up. I let him play games on my phone to pass the time. Of course with him awake I couldn't fall back to sleep and wake up when I usually do which is normally at six. I'm a little extra tired today. Hopefully this side effect is temporary and his sleep cycle will regulate itself again.
  14. buddy

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    Oh sorry he is sleeping so poorly, hopefully his body will get used to it AND it will have the positive effects for him you are looking for. Keep us up to date, would like to hear how it is going for you. HUGS and a NAP for you!
  15. Californiablonde

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    Thanks, Buddy. I am going to sneak in a hot bath before picking up the kids today so I can unwind a lil bit first. I so need my alone time sometimes!