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Did anyone see ?shocking revelation of abandonment that brought together all 3 siblings for a reunion in Los Angeles.By the same mother 30 years later reunited by DNA.The love they have for there mother is so amazing even after what the mother put them threw? Then I think how can my daughter treat me the way she does I been nothing but good to her . I can’t even treat people bad that I don’t even care for alone my own mother. I told my daughter about this documtary and she was like that’s weak people who are desperate for love ? I couldn’t even breath for a moment hearing that from her.


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Please be careful re anonymity. Is that an actual photo of you? Also your name...if that’s a real name...consider changing it. Runaway Bunny is a good person to contact for such Change requests if you need help.

I didn’t see the documentary. Do you recall the name of it? Maybe they were playing it up at least s little for the cameras?

It’s Also possible that they all had such high hopes of reuniting that everyone is (was) on their best behavior and trying very hard to get along. And that’s very nice.

Sometimes family counseling, especially if everyone is cooperative...can work toward mending difficult feelings.

I definitely can see where that had to have been a kind of weird and certainly painful discussion between you and your daughter.