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    WalMart and Sam's Club both sell stamps (at post office prices - no mark-up). So do lots of supermarkets and other stores.
    I try to avoid the post office if at all possible; every time I go there I leave mad about something.
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    Well if it's ANY consolation? (and I'm sure it is NOT)

    My elderly Mother......had Hostas growing in her front yard. NEAR her sidewalk. Now I'm going to tell this story in as plain and simple ----oh who am I kidding here we go.

    The mail lady has the personality of a post. Every day for 13 years she has come in rain, snow, sleet, hail.....not that I've ever witnessed her delivering the post in a down pour of baseball sized pellets of ice, but you get the general idea - the woman brings it. One Fall morning, my Mother went to her mail box which is attached to the house and received a "NOTICE" of non-compliance. You'd have to understand my Mother. A Virgo, a non-rule breaker. I don't think the woman has ever spit in public let alone jaywalked or broken a rule. However there in her mailbox was s VIOLATION. It unnerved her. Nearly sent her to the hospital. It was a FEDERAL violation to boot. It took me two hours on the phone to calm her down from the travesty. This was HUGE. HUGE!!! She was now "on the radar" as a RULE VIOLATOR and Federal violator to boot.

    What was her violation? A lone Hosta had sprouted a single flower stalk, and with the Fall rains, had leaned into the sidewalk about 4". A.SINGLE.LONE.FLOWER. The sidewalk is 33" wide. The flower? I swear it's barely noticeable. ONE lone......whispy flower. After I think ten years of growth it finally had a stalk of flowers and then fell over. So the mail lady writes my Mother up and posts a Federal violation notice on her door for the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD TO SEE. (Get my drift??) Well....My Mother took pictures with measuring tapes and the whole nine - then printed them out....then cut the Hosta flower. This of course meant she woudld now be neurotic about everything. I mean in the Winter this woman is up at the crack of dawn plowing the walk for this mail lady, salting the path making sure it's clear FOR HER.....and this witch writes HER UP? OMG for a leaning WET flower?

    WELL I guess I could see her point....after all it was IN HER PATH.....but the woman traipses OFF my Moms front porch and instead of walking back DOWN the sidewalk......cuts across her yard and across the lawns between the houses which is a good distance about 100 yards to the next house.....IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER......rain....snow - up to her uxters....slush......mud.......and her boots, her coat, her whatevers get soaked. So I asked Mom WHY does she allow THAT practice to continue when the woman obviously is usurping her power over the fact that she was MAULED by a hosta flower in her yard? And Mom replied because if you make waves with the post office? THEY CAN DENY you your mail. If you become difficult? THEY can recommend that you pay for a post office box and drive DOWN TOWN to get your mail.

    So I was at Mom's and as 'luck' would have it - I was outside working in the front yard when the 'battered' woman traipsed down the sidewalk - now thanks to my horticultural and landscaping abilities were sans - Hostas......(I had moved them to a safer location where they would not be a Federal violation) and I ALSO had purposely blocked the path across the porch to the neighbors property with limbs I had cut down. As I stood in the front yard DARING the mail lady to cut the path - she turned and literally tried to HOP over the branches and I said to her "THAT is NOT a safe way to go, I'd appreciate it if you'd just go back down the sidewalk." and she said (and I'm not kidding_) "I face danger every day" and I said "OH yes I know - you never know when a Hosta may jump out and slap you causing a violation, but I've fixed that - ten years my Mother waited for those damn things to bloom - TEN years, and now they're gone." I just stood there staring at her with disgust, and she stood staring back and as she hopped the branches I said - WOW that didn't look like a hazard to me ......and took her picture....and said "Sure wouldn't want there to be any federal violations in YOUR future Know what I mean??

    My Mother was livid......but she said to this day The woman still takes the shortcut in all kinds of weather but - the mail lady has been NOTHING but absolutely nicey nice to her every single day.

    Some people usurp their power and others grab a Kodak......Both seem to have advantages.
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    "WalMart and Sam's Club both sell stamps (at post office prices - no mark-up)."

    I'm over 20 miles away from the nearest Walmart and probably 100 miles or more away from the nearest Sam's Club store. The grocery store sometimes has stamps but they run out and don't get any more for weeks. In a little place like this, the post office is just about all there is.
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    OMG, Star! A hosta "flower" is pretty much a flower in name only! They're more like a long skinny stem with tiny little colored things on the ends! That woman must be nuts! I would have taken a picture of the offending "flower" and sent that in!
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    In my town we have mail carriers that actually cater to the dogs on their routes. They have dog biscuits and give them to their "greeters". One friend has 3 dogs and the carrier knows his 4 pawed friends so well that he opens the screen door and throws the treats inside the door for them! The highlight of the day for many dogs in my town is the visit from their mail carrier!
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I told MOTHER to just wait until we move to Ohio and Casper does a meet and greet with this woman. If she had constipation over a Hosta; she's gonna need a Depends every day for the Granddog. Such a personable lad he is, and after that 'mace in his face' and mine incident with Lexington's finest? HE ADORES people in uniform.