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    A few of you posted about using dry shampoo for difficult child since she is so reluctant to wash her hair in the shower. I thought it was a great idea so I bought a little trial sized bottle of some dry shampoo called Salon Matrix. What a waste! That stuff is awful. difficult child sprayed some on her hair and let it dry before brushing it out, like the bottle instructed. She sprayed it all over the oily parts of her hair like the roots and the bangs. She combed it out, and now instead of the top of her hair being an oily stringy mess, her whole hair looks like ****! It's worse than ever. It is stringy and dirty and it looks like she hasn't washed it in two weeks. I can't believe how bad it looks. I sent her to school today with her hair looking awful. People here at work must think I'm a horrible parent for not making her wash her hair. It's a good thing I only bought the trial size for $2.99 instead of the big can for $8.99. Still, what a waste of three bucks! So does anybody have experience with another dry shampoo that actually works? difficult child was so thrilled when I gave it to her. Told me it was awesome that I found something that she could just spray in and clean her hair with. Problem is, the stuff I bought is terrible. Any other ideas?
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    To start with, how long had it been since she'd washed her hair to begin with? Hound Dog might know the best, nurses often do since they're used in hospitals.
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    Another thought - go on Amazon and read the reviews of different brands.
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    Last time she washed her hair was Sunday. Now it looks like it's been weeks since her last washing.
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    I've never heard of "spray in" dry shampoo.
    Have used - years ago - the "powder" type - work it through your hair, brush out.
    Found it took out about 1/2 the grease... enough to make a diff, but not enough to make it "clean".
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    We use No-Rinse Shampoo on Boo. You just put it in, lather it up, and then towel dry. You don't use it in the shower. It's wet, but... can be done anywhere. If the hair is really dirty, you may have to do it a couple times, but then if you use it regularly it does a great job.
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    Thanks for the tip. What is the brand of shampoo called?
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    Thanks for the link. I will look for it when I go grocery shopping at Target tomorrow. We don't have a Walgreen's nearby.
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    When I first started getting it, I actually had to order it through the pharmacy. It wasn't a common shelf item, so if you don't see it on shampoo shelves, ask the pharmacist if they carry it or if they can order it for you. Also a lot of times it's not in the shampoo area but in the .... gosh, I don't even know what you call it - the geriatric aisle??? With bath chairs, adult diapers, specialized wipes for adults, etc.

    For several years I've just ordered it in gallon sizes from HDIS. We did try the No-Rinse Shampoo Cap - I think the idea was that it would keep the shampoo and bubbles contained, but it was a total disaster for us. By the time I got done, Boo and I were both laughing so hard I thought we were going to pass out. But... for someone more coordinated and/or motivated the cap might be worth a try, though they seem a bit pricy to me.

    I just wrap a towel around Boo's shoulders, tilt his wheelchair back a bit, and pour the shampoo on. It lathers up really nicely. Then you just towel dry. I was skeptical when I first heard about it but it really does work well. Doesn't smell bad either. Diva also used it a couple times when she was in her cast this year.
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    I may give the stuff a try myself - too often around here I've been doing hours of nasty dirty icky stuff, and by the end of the day - shower or sleep? Sleep wins way too often, especially as the shower's in the main house, and for the cottage I use a water dispenser - I won't be hooking up water until I have good drain and good underfloor insulation. :)

    I was looking up dry shampoos both the commercial and home-made sort, and they're either expensive with mixed reviews, or messy with mixed reviews. My hair doesn't grease up like it used to, once I hit my mid-40's, but I'd like to do something about the desert dust that sticks to what little I have. :)
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    I think we'll try it, too. Hair washing is major issue here, too.
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    Just FYI - most dry shampoo is flammable.
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    I've used several different times because of field problems while in the army. All made my hair look like ****. What worked best for me, was baby powder combed very well through my hair. Go outside put baby powder in hair at the roots and use a fine toothed comb. I never used it as a complete substitute for hair washing just something to help me get through another few days. Tk had a bad issue with me washing her hair or anyone washing her hair no matter how careful I was or what I used, when she was old enough, I bought pert plus so she only had to wash it rinse it once, she didn't like it so I found kids shampoo no tears formula, after a year of that and her growing her hair out she said she wanted big girl shampoo and conditioner again because her hair seemed never clean never soft. I still will wash her hair about once a month to make sure it is scrubbed properly down to the roots. She doesn't Fuss about it when I do anymore because i use the shower attachment and honestly I think her hair exhausts her because it is long. Hope any of this is helpful.