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    I joined this spiritual group and finally found people who think like I do. If anyone is interested or already an Eck I would love to talk to you, lurkers as well. Just please PM me as I am no longer posting anything personal about my life on the internet.

    Eck respects all paths to God and is very accepting of same sex couples. Its more of a helpful (in my opinion) path than an organized religion.

    For spiritul seekers this book is a must read sbout the ego vs. our true self. It is called Radical Happiness by Gina Lake and it is changing how I look at the world. It is on Amazon and i have a kindle subscription so I got it for free.

    Love to all.Hope all here are doing well. Even if you are struggling, there are ways to feel your life is actually good if you learn how to discard your ego and live your true self.

    Cant hurt to try a new approach :)
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