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    Now I almost never go on FB and havent posted in forever. Today I logged on with no intention of posting to just look up a post that was going to be about Jackson and how great he did in surgery, sweet doggie. His rescue was posting about it. I had sent them a few pictures.

    But before I logged in, I got a huge surprise. You know all the names and faces of people that pop up, urging you to friend them and many of them are really people you barely know? Friends of friends? If you are blocked from somebody, such as I am blocked from Barts ex's wife ( breaks my heart haha) you do not see that picture though as somebody to friend.

    Guess whose pictures popped up? And they were first in line!

    Nobody was more surprised than me to see Sis and Bro and some of her kids smiling faces as potential FB friends I KNOW they all blocked me (not that I am interested in looking) but they either had a rare bit of remorse over the abuse and shunning of me (ha, like they'd ever admit that) or FB isnt perfect. These are not forgiving people regarding me...they would forgive a murderer first...so I suspect it was some sort of glitch. I clicked on someones page just to see if I would be blocked if I tried to read the page.

    Nope. I saw several years back. Wow. Shame on FB.

    I didnt read anything, just scrolled, but my point of posting this is to remind people that nothing on the internet is private. Nothing. Not one thing. Not what you did your best to hide. Be it a glitch or somebody on somebody elses page looking around for somebody who blocked them etc. you are there. Anyone can read about you. At least this site is anonymous. Spelled wrong, I am sure.

    I have limited my internet posting to one site....this one. I urge everyone to never post too much identifiable info, including your real city or real place of work or maybe even your real name. Anyone is privy to it. In fact there are people who Catfish for fun. Or do worse than just Catfish. Why advertise yourself and loved ones?

    All of my kids except Jumper are off FB and she barely posts.

    The weird part? Bart's ex did not show up and when I tried to see her page, just to test things out, I was still blocked from her site.

    Twilight zone music please.

    Well, just another reminder to be careful of the internet, even FB. I am thinking of actually taking mine down. Anyone I care about I can just call. And most of my new friends arent on my FB because I tell them I dont do it which is pretty true. I can call my Illinois friend too. Long distance is free now.

    by the way, my dog's pictures and little blurb was adorable :)

    Have a great day!!
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    I have done many limiting things and do t even use my last name.

    I was shocked when we moved to a new city, fb suggested I friend two very interesting people: my new doctor’s daughter and his wife. I could see tons of photos including pics of their homes. Inside their homes...like photos of family in their living rooms. It felt creepy to me. I did not even want to see this stuff and chances are they do t wish for me to see it. Are they seeing my stuff? I don't know.

    I now very rarely, if ever, post if vacations or anything too personal Post only a few pics of family. I limit them. And very rarely post a picture of a child in my profile picture and if I do , their face is at least partially hidden. My face is NEVER in the profile picture. The majority of the time I use other things completely like flowers or a dog etc.