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    This is just too good not to share--and AMAZING that it could be captured on video. To summarize, a hummingbird left the nest before he was ready (wonder if he was a difficult child?), and was lucky enough to be found by a man who cared enough to take on the challenge to nurse him back to health. The baby apparently injured a wing in the fall and therefore was unable to fly for some time. (I sense another metaphor....) The momma obviously loved her baby enough to trust that the man was helping, and she returned several times a day to feed her baby as the man held it. She even perched in his hand beside her baby. Obviously a very dedicated momma, determined to help her baby despite the unique difficulties. (Hmmm. Familiar theme?). Happy ending for them, as the baby was finally able to heal and make it on his own. Ahhh, the ending we all want for our children.

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    That was AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Very sweet-thanks for sharing!