Feeling hopeless for my adult homeless son


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Am living your story right now. Son is 27, 28 in December.

Called tonight and said he can't do it anymore and if we can't help him, he isn't going to survive much longer.

No pain like it.


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I am so sorry blackgnat. I'm new to the forum and just beginning to ssy no. As a result my daughter does not speak to me nor lets me talk tomy granddaughters. I'm sad for you and for all of us as we navigate a world we never imagined for our families. Sending love your way.


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Same old thing going on with my son. Still homeless and broke, but has managed to leave Hawaii, somehow got to Tx, then Phoenix and now Ca. Do people still hop trains? All in a month. Have no clue. Everyday is full of angry, hurtful and delusional conversations. I usually don't answer when he calls. Says he is tired of sleeping on the streets, but just wants "assistance" from family. He still thinks the government, wi fi and internet are watching him and I think that is why he stays nowhere long. This situation seems to be getting worse everyday and rock bottom does not seem to be happening with him. Not sure how much more I can take.
Oh Annie, I can hear the pain you are going through. i still answer the phone when my son calls. He went to jail for almost a month and managed to get into a mental health diversion program for his bipolar disorder and has been properly medicated and sober for 6 months now. he has been released starting tomorrow from his IOP and the sober living facility he has been living in. Doesn’t have a place to live and knows he cannot live with his family due to past stealing and disruptions. I guess he will live in his car. And I will go back to worrying. Get a good therapist. Mine has helped me tremendously.