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    Okay so got my son evaluated-Check, find a new therapist-what?

    So when my son got evaluated, I was under the impression that he would then begin therapy with the psychiatric that evaluated him. I guess I am wrong. He advised me to find a how do I?

    I mean I am in an area where PTSD is common, so most therapists deal with adults suffering from that kind of mental challenge. Without any guidance where do I begin in finding a good therapist for my son? The Psychologist also did recommend medication so is that what the therapist would do?

    I was so excited to be moving forward to suddenly hurry up and wait (sigh). Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
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    In our case, the therapist is the one that handles the day to day coping strategies and well-being of the child and family. He sees the psychiatrist for medication management and blood pressure and weight checks. Psychologists and therapists cannot prescribe medications. We saw the therapist for a couple of months to try non-medicinal avenues. It came to light that my son needed to be on medication to help with the symptoms of the ADHD.

    I wish you all the best, it can be challenging to navigate everything in the beginning.
  3. Bunny

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    We found our first therapist through our pediatrician's office. I called asking for a recommendation and they got back to me within a day or so. We saw him for quite a while, until this past spring. The therapist we are seeing now came at the recommendation of a family friend who is the mother to two difficult child children and who understood exactly what I was dealing with.

    If the psychiatrist can't recommend someone on your area try calling his pediatrician and start there. Good luck! I hope you find someone who can help your son.
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    I have also had luck with checking with my insurance company, who is covered in my area, who is in network. I found a therapist though a CARD center (center for autism and related difficulties). They have a resource file with feedback from people who have used various services.
    We have had luck with a psyhcologist who does CBT (cognitive behavoir therapy) and psyhcologist who does ABA (applied behavoir analysis)
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    I would ask the psychiatrist for a therapist recommendation, that's how I found the best one. in my opinion it's important for the psychiatrist and therapist to have a good working relationship, so it just made sense to get the recommendation striaght from the psychiatrist. Pediatrician is a good suggestion, too, since they also may have to work with the therapist.
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    Thank you all for your help! I felt so lost...again! lol I spoke with the pediatrician and they said to start with the PCP and she will send the referral to the therapists they usually work with. I also finally got a callback from the Children's Mental Health facility in this area. I will get more information on Monday. So at least it appears that I will have some options.