Five things about me...


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I know this sort of thread has been done before, but not for a little while and I'm really interested to find out more about everyone.
I'll start!

1. I live in Victoria, Australia. (This is a southern state but because we are in the Southern Hemisphere it has a temperate climate - our northern states are the hot ones!) The capital city of our state is Melbourne but I live on the coast over 100kms away from there. (Not sure what that is in miles!)

2. I am a coffee addict. It is 11pm here and I'm drinking coffee as I type this.

3. I love watching Australian Rules Football. Our season has just started up again (was halted due to the pandemic) and I'm loving watching games on the TV. It not as good as being at the game but better than nothing!

4. I love to read. I'm fortunate that I work as a writer so I often get pre-release books given to me by publishers or other authors.

5. I'm a dog person. We live in a town house with a small yard so I only have one dog. She's a boxer, her name is Lulu and she's the funniest, most adorable thing on four legs.

Okay, that's my five. Now I want to hear yours!


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1) I am short and very thin. Well, I think I am.
2) My cat and I are in a love/hate relationship. Her name is Luna-short for Lunatic.
3) I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper.
4) I am a recovering redneck.
5) My favorite thing to do is drink coffee where I can see trees and flowers and hear birds chirping.


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Hi to both Ms Lulus. to JMom and to everybody. I hope you're all of you well, and your families too.

1. I live in the middle of California.
2. I live with 3 cats and a Yorkie dog.
3. I study and practice my faith and I like to take online art classes.
4. I have 35 fruit trees in my front and backyards (30 are adolescents.).
5. I keep up with the news. Anymore I don't know if that's a good thing.


1. I live in Tennessee
2. I have 2 senior dogs, mixed breeds, 15 and 12, both rescues
3. I’ve been married for 34 years
4. I love to cook
5. I grow lots of flowers, especially daylilies


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1. I just got a dog six months ago...a poodle mix.
2. I’ve been married forty years this year.
3. I got an MS degree late in life.
4. I’ve had a variety of careers
5. People often tell me I’m incredibly resilient which I find amazing/interesting sometimes humorous. But I believe it’s a lovely compliment and I’m honored.


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Love that there are so many "dog people" here! I love cats too, but can't have one because both Difficult Child and S3 are allergic.


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1. I live in Orange County, California.
2. I've dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the covid lock down. Reminds me of how anxious I felt when my daughter was a troubled teen.
3. I've got a little dog that just had most of her teeth removed last week.
4. Been married for 38 years.
5. I love coffee, but haven't had any for a couple of months because of my covid anxiety... Can't listen to the news anymore either...


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1. I live in Chicago
2.I have a twin sister, but altogether including me there is 8 of us, not sure how my mom handled all of us 😊, 6 girls , 2 boys. Me & my twin are the youngest 42 years old.
3. I love makeup & reality TV
4. I’m 4’11 so I’m super short 😂
5. I lost 10 lbs since I been off work , by eating healthier , I feel good about myself.


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I live sort of out East

2. I have been married 30 years

3. I have three dogs, two rescued

4. People tell me I am friendly and outgoing, but I am shy inside.

5. Covid doesn't scare me because we are careful and because we decided to rarely watch any news.


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I'm loving reading all of these!

@runawaybunny , Covid has made me a little anxious too. So far we have been lucky in Australia. A couple of weeks back we were almost down to zero cases, but then there was a breach in quarantine. Some security guards at one of the quarantine hotels didn't follow protocol. They got Covid and spread it to their families. Now the virus is spreading again. We had over 200 new cases today - the most we've ever had. Our state is about the size of Indiana - we have about the same size population. So far we've had 22 deaths in our state but now, with this new spike we fear the death toll will rise. We'd just started to go back to some sort of normal life when this happened, so it's back to semi lockdown for most people here. The government is hoping to quash the new outbreak within six weeks. they have been very proactive, so fingers crossed they can get on top of it. I figure all we can do is be cautious. I'm staying home as much as possible!

@Helpless29 I'm so impressed that you've managed to lose weight while off work. I've gained about 2.5 kilos (not sure what that is in pounds!) since the beginning of the pandemic!


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
1. We moved to the Alabama Coast for my job 2 years ago this month. I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs
2. I drink coffee every morning, I also drink water and spiked waters and enjoy happy hour on the weekends with my husband on our back porch
3. We have a 14 year old Yorkie and a 9 year old Morkie. Both adorable and VERY spoiled and needy
4. I have a lot of friends and I was always the one that got everyone together in Chicago and now they don't see each other anymore unless I go to town and have a get together which is sad. I am a people person.
5. We will be married 29 years in August and going strong


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1. I'm a voracious reader.
2. Iced tea - all day, every day.
3. I live in Central California where it's too darn hot during the summer!
4. I had gastric bypass surgery last year and have lost 75 pounds.
5. I live in a small house - not quite 800 square feet.


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I live in Massachusetts outside of Boston. I can't listen to the news anymore either, runaway.
I was married for 24 years and got divorced 17 years ago
I have three daughter, 5 grandchildren
I love to read
Lately, this isolation from my daughters and grandchildren is getting to me. I keep the faith though that things will improve.

I have a six year old cat who keeps me company and is so comforting.


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I love this idea, by the way!
1. I just moved back to Georgia after almost 30 years in the Midwest.
2. I've been married 38 years.
3. I am a diehard diet coke drinker. I love the smell of coffee but never learned to like the taste.
4. I like to cook, garden, read, and exercise.
5. I hope we can finally get a dog now that we aren't renting anymore.


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1. I became a great grandma and got my Medicare card this year.
2. We have two cats, one is a huge Maine Coon that weighs 25 pounds.
3. I love photography and scrapbooking
4. We have hosted 13 high school exchange students, the last one 6 years ago.
5. My husband and I like volunteering in our community and around the US.



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1. I live in south Texas.
2. I try hard each day to live a clutter free lifestyle. If one thing comes in the house, 2 things have to go.
3. I love all animals. I have a huge outside shower and the birds sit near and sing to me, I have to be careful not to step on frogs, wild creatures like to poke their heads into my shower to see what I am doing. I always feel grounded and with good company while out there. My black cat sits on the bench and likes to chat while I am in the shower. He leaves the other creatures alone and they all enjoy the steam the shower is making.
4. I drink 16 ounces of hot filtered water first thing in the morning. Sometime I drink hot distilled water.
5. I got a new pair of cowboy boots last Nov. They have a little bling on them. People come out of the wood work to tell me how much they love my boots. My husband will not let me wear them when I am with him because he is so embarrassed with all the attention they get. They are very comfortable so I truly enjoy wearing them. I don't think they have so much bling as to cause such a stir but they are pretty.


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I live in Oklahoma.
I adore my quirky, demanding, talkative Siamese cat.
I wish I could live a clutter free-ish life. Not that I would know what that looked like if it bit me.
For years I wanted a pet boa constrictor. A friend of my dad's had one and I absolutely loved that snake (Baby). The friend taught science in my jr high before we moved to Oklahoma. I would "borrow" Baby for an hour or two now and then and wear her to class like a scarf.
I drink coffee and water. And sometimes orange or grapefruit juice.