"Go out and tell him where I am"


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Tonight after opening family gifts, easy child went to a friend's house. I called her about one hour ago (11:45 pm our time) and she said she was on her way home. Takes about 1/2 hour.

Her plan was to drop off puppy which she had taken with her and pick up this computer and go to another friend's house.

She must have forgotten about the computer because she left without it.

On her way out the door, "If N shows up, tell him where I am." "N will not come to the door and ask for you." "You need to go out and let him know where I am. Give him directions to K's house or have him come in and call me."


Like I am suppose to leave the comfort of my warm home and go out into the cold cold darkness of midnight and let this guy know where my daughter is?


I don't think so!



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Okay, if N doesn't come to the door how are you supposed to know if he came by? Are you telepathic? Suggest a trail of breadcrumbs or better yet ask Santa???????