Got a call from CPS

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by elizabrary, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. elizabrary

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    I worked late tonight because I guest lectured at the university in my town. When I got home I was looking forward to chilling with my dogs. I had a message on my home phone from CPS asking me to call them about my granddaughter. Now I'm in a state with anxiety and stress and I probably won't sleep well. Good lord, I'd just like a week of calm. Let's hope it's nothing terrible, but I can't believe it's anything good if they're calling. I'll call first thing in the morning. Send positive energy my way that I can deal with whatever is going on.
  2. ksm

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    It's going to be an anxious night... I am sure she's OK, but they must have I info to give you. Please give us an update in the morning! Ksm
  3. Elsi

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    Sending hugs, prayers and positive energy. I hope you’re able to get some sleep and it turns out to be nothing terrible.
  4. Tired out

    Tired out Active Member

    I too will be watching for an update.
    Sending warm hugs, prayers and good thoughts too.
    Breath in. count 4. Breath out. repeat.
  5. AppleCori

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    Whatever it is, at least you know your granddaughter is safe now, under the supervision of CPS.

    Will be watching for an update.
  6. elizabrary

    elizabrary Active Member

    Well, I'm actually shocked. The caseworker called just to check in with me and get more information. Whenever I have called in the past they go to the house and then do nothing else. I've never heard from them before. She listened to everything I had to say and told me of course my daughter had denied everything when she visited with her. She asked that I report again any time anything happens and said she was going to call my daughter one more time before she had to close the report out. She is hoping the contact will keep her on the straight and narrow, at least for awhile. It has helped since they visited as my daughter has not gone out drinking to my knowledge (the key words, I know). But at least she is getting my granddaughter to school on time. It was a good feeling to have the caseworker check in with me and feel like my concerns are being taken seriously.
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  7. Smithmom

    Smithmom Active Member

    Wow! A methodology that works! Now if only they could keep it open longer. But keep this woman's name and number.
  8. Triedntrue

    Triedntrue Active Member

    i am glad that they have taken your concerns seriously and that your grandaughter is safe. I hope that gives you some peace for a little while.
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