Got my dress for the wedding!!!!

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    My daughter Princess and my grand are in and yesterday we went to the bridal shop to see if I can find a dress I like for Jumper's wedding. I lost ten pounds!!

    I tried on a ton of dresses and then tried on one that was burgandy with beading and some sparkle and I loved it (as did my girls. It was so great to have their opinions,). I sent a text picture of me wearing it to my husband and he said he liked it. (Do men really care what we wear?)

    So now that is out of the way. Princess has a gorgrgor navy dress for the wedding party that hugs her figure perfectly. Grand has sn adorable flower girl dress.


    Jumper also told me and her dad later on that when she has her first boy ,,(after the wedding!) she is going to name him our last name as his first name and use my husband's first name as his middle name ,(my husbands first name is also the groom's grandfathers name,). I guess they already discussed it. They have been together five years and want kids right after they marry.

    The name made me cry, but as I often admit, I am a big cry baby. I know my husband was touched too.
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