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    We were all prepared for her to take Junior to New School on Monday, even though doing so would have been insane since she had a court order, which she had signed, telling her she couoldn't change schools.

    Bart called early Monday and ex had driven Junior to Old School.

    What a relief.

    I'm sure she has plans to try to get him into New School again, but for now Junior is safe and probably can't wait to get to Bart's house. Sadly, from what he says (and he is always hesitant to talk about it), she is taking a lot of her anger at Bart out on him. This hits me in the gut because t his happened to me with my own mother.

    Junior looks just like Bart and is more like Bart than her (such as he is extremely bright, which ex can not relate to...he gets knocked down there for being "too smart for your own good" said in a nasty way.) Junior tried to imitate her and he had tears in his eyes. And it's true that he does sound smart, if that makes any sense.

    Ex is partial to her new baby that she just had with the man who ran off with her, it seems.That is how Junior feels. Yet he loves his brother too. He has a good heart. It's so hard for him to have to go through this.

    But there is nothing anyone can do about it. At least for now she hasn't gone off the rails and violated a court order. Bart has a date in court in Sept. (a pre-trail) as he is tryiing to have residential custody switched. October is the trial.

    These courts take so long!!!
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    I'm glad she brought him to "his" school. It's always hard when a child is being used as a pawn.

    It's obvious Junior has a tight bond with Bart and the more she tries to sabotage it the more damage she will ultimately do to herself. It's good that Junior has you as well.
    Hopefully this will all go in his favor. I know how frustrating it is waiting for those court dates. Gotta love due process!

    Thanks for the update as I was wondering what she would do.
  3. Lil

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    Sounds like things are actually going okay. It never ceases to amaze me, even after all these years, how people put their own needs before the happiness of their kids. I mean, we all know there comes that point when they're grown, but when they're little - be a parent 1st!
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    Yep, Lil, agree. Boggles my mind. This is more about Bart than her anyway. She doesn't want him in Junior's life.

    Tanya, thank you. I know there will be more bumps with her, and she could be planning a surprise (she does this), but for now it's calm for my grandson. My son is hoping to have the residential address changed from her to him so that school stops being a way she can try to take Junior away from him. That's why she moved pretty far away...she wants to remove Bart from Junior's life as much as she can.
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    Has anyone who works in the criminal justice system become familiar with a case hearing? My son is going batty not knowing what it is. It is before the pre-trial. I would like to be able to tell him what it is, and I've checked everywhere on the internet, but can't find anything about it. Of course, I know as much about legal stuff as I know about things in my own life (hehe). And some of those things...well, the answer is "NOTHING!" :)

    Bart is high strung and I just want my grandson to be with a calm Bart for the next five days. My son has to be strong now and if this stresses him out...well...I don't know if he can be at his 100% best. Grandma is worried.
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    That sounds like a case management conference or a status conference? Maybe a "case review"? If so, it's simply a "everybody show up and lets see how close we are to being ready for trial" kind of thing.

    A "case hearing" is nothing I've ever heard of even in the county Bart is in. I mean, a hearing is the same as the trial. So you "hear" the "case". But that's not what they call it.
  7. ForeverSpring

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    Thanks, Lil. I think it's a case review. My son doesn't think he's going to a full trial since all he asked for was residential custody. I hope he's not surprised. Junior too. He doesn't need any more chaos.

    Appreciate it lots and lots.
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    Bar's ex sounds like she lives for drama and chaos.

    Hope the courts will find for the best interests of the child, to be stable and not live with chaos.