Happy Birthday M

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by witzend, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. witzend

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    He is 27 years old today, and he is starting a job driving cars off of cargo ships to the docks. It's close to his home, and it sounds easy enough for him to do. We sent a card with some money, so hopefully it will be the beginning of a new easier way of life for him.
  2. scent of cedar

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    I hope so too, Witz.

    Believe for the best, right?

  3. DDD

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    I think it is wonderful to have reason to hope for a positive year on the day of a major birthday. Yes, I know, it does not mean that it will happen...but many people have NO hope. My fingers are crossed and hugs are sent. DDD
  4. InsaneCdn

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    Driving cars off ships is considered a high-turnover job because... it's so doggone boring! Some ports use housewives for the job - they plan their unloading for overnight, which means "dad" can be home with the kids, while the moms work 6-hour shifts. One lady I know who did it said it wasn't much different from being home with the kids all day... you just kept going in circles!