Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who won't get a card or a call...


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I've decided not to sit at home, waiting for a call and wondering if it will happen.

Not sure what I will be doing, but will find something enjoyable... Worship at church with friends, A walk thru a pretty park, tend my flower garden, maybe a car ride to a nearby town to shop for a new bathroom faucet.

Nothing grand... But will find a way to enjoy this much hyped, forced, Hallmark inspired day.



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Good and gracious god,
You know our hearts
and you know that today
some of our hearts ache.

As others rightfully celebrate
the joy and love
of the mothers in their lives,
this day,
for some of us,
is a somber reminder
of the absence in our lives.

For some of us,
if we buy flowers today,
it will only be
in order to place them
by a graveside.

For some of us,
if we buy a card today,
it will only be
in hopes of knowing
our mothers one day.

For some of us,
if we buy a gift today,
it will only be
in pensive anticipation
of repairing
a breached relationship.

For some of us,
there will be no hugs today,
no gentle kisses on the cheek,
no laughter,
no smiles from ear to ear.

For some of us,
today is a day of longing.

For some it will be tearful.
For others it will be wistful.
For for other is will just be

Be with us
in these times,
even as we strive
to be present for each other.

Remind us
that the relationships
we are longing for today
can be recreated in us.

Remind us
that the motherly blessings
we yearn to receive today,
the joy,
the acceptance,
the caring,
the understanding,
the compassion,
the unconditional love,
are still ours to experience
by extending them to others.

Whether to honor the mothers
that we knew,
or to envision the mothers
that we hope for,
sharing these gifts
with others
can not only begin to heal
the missing space
in our hearts,
we will find
that in sharing them
with others
we will begin
to experience them
more abundantly
in our own lives
as the gifts are returned
to us.

Inspire us all
to be the bearers
of these nurturing gifts.

May others know more
joy, acceptance, caring,
understanding, compassion,
and love
because of us.

May we play even a small part
in mending broken hearts,
broken relationships,
and this sometimes
broken world.

(Saw on FB and thought I would share here). Ksm


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A good friend didn’t get anything from her very weird son. No call, no text.
She is so kind to him and his family.
Interesting to me, he holds down a responsible job, which is ah-mazing.
As his house is a huge mess, his dogs run wild inside , he won’t let anyone come into his house...including his mom. Too much weirdness to comment on including his weird , creepy and short temper.
He didn’t call or text her today.
How can this guy hold down a job?
Well, at least he has an income coming in.

My day was not ideal. Starting with our Difficult Child asking my husband for all sorts of money for a card and stamp, then buying something else with the money. Then getting more money and buying two cards but no stamp. Then pitching a fit that he wouldn’t send her stamp money. Hence...no card. But, she did text and call which was nice.

I know it can get much worse.

Often not a great day for us parents of difficult children.

Take care of yourselves...pamper yourselves/ourselves. Blessings.


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We had no acknowledgment of Mother's Day from DS or YS. It hurts W deeply. I don't care, but I am a stepparent of relatively short duration.

We celebrated with our own mothers and had a wonderful time although W lapsed into bouts of sadness from time to time - understandable.