heartbroken gramma


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Just posting to unburden my heart abit. For those that have read any of my backstory, my ex daughter in law has now taken off out of town with her boyfriend who was recently released from custody and has a no contact order in regards to my grandchildren (because he hurt my granddaughter court case pending) She has gone with all the kids, my suspicion is with his family in a neighbouring city about 90 min drive away. The children are not in school, and havent been this year at all. childrens aid is informed shes disappeared, i went by her house yesterday and its empty. My son is so upset that she took his kids. Im not sure of what happens next, it seems though that she just does whatever she wants with impunity and never suffers consequences. 😭


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Skittles, Just know I am praying for your situation to get better. I know you feel out of sorts. I am so very sorry.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I am so sorry and I do hope the law/authorities catch up with her. What a hard situation for YOU but you are doing everything humanly possible to make this work out the best for all.

Prayers for your grandchildren.


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I second what everybody else says, that I am so very sorry.

I agree with RN that you're doing EVERYTHING a person can humanly do.

I am heartsick for you, But I do believe that if we hold in our hearts the children and their well-being if all of us do this, it will help them through this whole and strong.. Your love and care sustain them. I truly, truly believe this. Your moral outrage. I think this is the meaning of our suffering. Actually, I do believe this. That we hold them in our hearts with strength and with safety. This way we help them get through this.

People can feel love sent to them from afar. If you try to remember this, as you suffer, that the love you hold in your heart can be felt by your grandchildren, you may be able to be in touch with the sweetness that lies behind the pain.

All of that said, I do believe that there will be consequences for her. What she is doing is choosing to permit this accused perpetrator to perpetrate more against her children. I know this may rub salt in this tender wound. What I am saying here, is that this deliberate wrongdoing by her, this choosing to aid and abet putting HER OWN children at risk, will not stand. It will not and it cannot. Please feel our love.


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Hi there Skittles and big hugs.

Hopefully, that no contact order will get things moving sooner than later.

Would you be the one to call and check on progress?


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Thankyou everyone for your support. Ive talked to Childrens Aid and am so frustrated. I told them a week ago that i suspected she was moving and I saw her boyfriend outside the house having a smoke. The worker was supposed to go by and never did so shes gone. At this point we can only try to find out where, im pretty sure she has gone with his family to kitchener. I was hoping since the legal system would have his parents address that they would coordinate with CAS. My son has not got an update yet and for privacy issues they wont discuss with me. I think we are going to have to find out on our own where she is then get kitchener CAS involved. The whole system here seems slow moving and ineffective, it has totally failed these children. The children are not in school at all yet this year, i dont think she will enroll them at all as that will alert CAS to where she is. Sooner or later someone will catch up with her and maybe this is the point they will finally take the children but when and where and what is happening with them meanwhile is the question.