How sad, sad, sad... Report from US Dept of Ed

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101 Archives' started by Sheila, May 12, 2006.

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    I read yesterday my state is 2nd only to CA for high failure rate of NCLB.
    And then I got my real estate tax bill in the mail an hour later and then an hour after that my son brought home his reg packet for fall, and the fees we need to pay for registration etc.

    And then,, my middle child called and said we had to go buy and pay for dry ice for her chem lab at school and bring it to her.

    By bedtime last nite I could have believed anything sad or bad about schools.
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    Well, maybe if President Bush didn't try to push our kids to be like the ones in China, and expect every child is the same, and left his No Child Left Behind plan in the back of his mind, the results would not have been that way.

    These children are being pushed entirely too hard, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that kids are, by 8th grade, frustrated and losing self esteem because they can't keep up with the President's plan.