I’m Done


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My schizophrenic drug addicted son is too far gone. He lives with his father - he hates his rules and often leaves to go God knows where. He was unmedicated until this last Saturday when it took all kinds of convincing with him being belligerent and cursing at me. He did get his once monthly injection. He was at his Father’s house 1 day..then decides to leave for 2 nights. He came to my house in the hopes that I would let him stay. I paid his cell phone bill, and told him he should go to his dads. I have a small apartment and my ex has a house. He tried to manipulate the situation. When I didn’t budge and told him to leave he went ballistic. Said some utterly horrible things that I cannot repeat. Told me to call the cops to get him to leave. He decided to leave then he threw a container of juice on me. I decided then that it not worth my health abs safety to continue. It’s been 10 years dealing with this. He is soon to be 26 and it gets worse and worse. I’m done. I blocked him from calling me. I have no more to offer but prayers.
Thank you all. It helps just getting this out.


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Hi Mouse.

I know all too well how this feels. I want to welcome you here and to offer my support. Nothing is served by your submitting to this kind of treatment from him. There has to be a bottom line, for us. That said, it's a good thing he accepted his shot. In my experience these things are cyclical. He's gone off and you're alone now. Good.

Things changed for me when I began to put myself at the center of my life. My needs. My health and well-being. My interests. I am going for a walk now. What can you do today to make your life sweeter and richer? That's what I have learned here on this forum.

I hope you continue to post.