I would like to hear about fast food tipping


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I don't actually go to Starbucks, but at other smaller coffee shops, I will occasionally tip. Not always. Sometimes $1, or sometimes just the change will go in the jar. I suppose I should, but baristas aren't considered "tipped" employees and they're paid more than the little $3/hr that servers are. If I order food too and I go sit at a table and they bring me food and coffee, then yes, I'd tip under those circumstances.

Fast food like Subway or even faster food like McDonalds - nope. I never tip for a carry-out either, like pizza or picking up from a restaurant. I figure, the tip is for service they give when I'm there, filling my water, refilling my drink, bringing my food, making sure it's all taken care of. If they literally pick up a box from the kitchen and hand it to me, I don't see why a tip is necessary. It took them maybe 60 seconds. I do tip delivery people.


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I will tip at Starbucks but they dont even have places to tip at our Subways and McDonalds. Around here McDs pays pretty well too.


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Thank you so many places like ice cream stands and dairy queen and. Even non food services seem to expect tips. I feel like unless they have gone above and beyond it is too much. How about uber or taxis?


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When it comes to fast food places, I want to tip them and once in a blue moon I do, but most of the time, I do not. If I made more money, yes, I probably would leave a dollar here and there in the jars.

When it comes to taxi's and ubers, absolutely yes I tip.


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This is honestly new to me. I have NEVER seen a place to leave tips at Dairy Queen or any fast food place. Coffee places, yes, but never at say Burger King.


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How about uber or taxis?
Almost always.

When they have a jar at cafes, and if I feel like it, I leave a dollar to as much as five, if I am happy and depending upon the cost of the meal. And I do so on Amtrak, as well. At a McDonalds type place, never.

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As far as coffee and ice cream shops, burger/sandwich joint..I tip only at the small family owned places. Starbucks/Mcd's, BK all make more than sub min wage..here they pay 10.50/hr! That is more than home health aides are paid!
I never use taxi or uber.


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For carry-out, I'll usually leave a small tip if it's a locally-owned small business. I don't tip at chains.

I always tip on Uber and taxis, and on delivery.