Incredible insights to kids psyches!


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You know, my kids HATED soup until recently. I started making it for me as an "appetizer" so naturally it was "can I try yours?" "can I have a sip" and the best "wow! I really like that...can I have some?"

I've come up with a theory. It's a three parter:

1. If they claim they don't like something, re-name it. My kids hated "sausages" because they thought that all sausage was sweet italian sausage. Call the breakfast sausage "meat sticks" and they'll eat a box each!

2. They hate EVERYTHING until they see Mom enjoying it. Then they not only want what your having, but they also want their own.

3. Kids HATE swiss cheese. Not my favorite, although I enjoy's something that I put on EVERY sandwich that I make for myself so they won't ask for a bite. I've been known to lay a slice on a pancake just to keep the demons off my plate. If you want them to stay away from your plate, put swiss cheese on it. Swiss Cheese is to kids what garlic is to Vampires.

Those are my motherly instincts. Self-preservation is key!

Anyone asking why I have 3 difficult child's? Hmmmmmm....



Here we go again!
You are SO right about #1 and #2. Perception is EVERYTHING with kids. I've been known to "rename" stuff for the same reason. Potatoes Au Gratin are known as Cheesy Potatoes; when they were smaller, broccoli was "little trees".

As for swiss cheese... I've never tried that with my kids -- I happen to LOVE swiss...


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Okay. It's kid is weird.
Little easy child of the Highly Adventurous Palate will try ANYTHING.

"Squid? You're having squid Mummy? I'd like to try squid. Can I have a bite?"
"Shrimp soup? favourite."
"Mummy...what are you eating? Hot peppers? Straight out of the jar? Can I have one?"

Edamame, spicy thai chili chicken, really stinky cheese...I have yet to find a food that Little easy child will refuse.

(A few weeks ago, I put a bag of frozen broccoli in the cart at Costco. Little easy child picked it up, hugged it to his chest and danced with it down the aisle, singing at the top of his lungs, "Broccoli! Broccoli. I LOVE Broccoli")

And then he bats those big brown eyes with the endless eye lashes at me, and I just sigh, hand over the dish, and go make some more.



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Trinity, you're so lucky! Miss KT was/is so picky that I was the only one who could make scrambled eggs that would eat. Grandma and Nana "didn't do it right." Same thing with a rice pilaf recipe my mom gave me. Nana doesn't do that right, either.


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Mary, I was the World's Pickiest (and Slowest) Eater as a child. They once threatened to give me a trophy.

I still have some food niggles, but I've gotten much better with age.

I was dreading being cursed with a child as picky as myself...but it seems I lucked out. Whew! Instead, I've been...erm...blessed...with a child whose curiosity about food leads me to touch (eew!) and cook (YUCK!) things I'd never even have considered bringing in the house before.

Always an adventure!